Africa Sub Governance & Free Ton Academy Proposal



This proposal is meant to foster the synergy between the new Free TON Academy and the African populace all within the training programs of Free TON.
There being an existing program albeit in its establishment stages within the African SG (in collaboration with ABI), we shall liaise with the Free TON Academy on the context, relevance, value, experience and outcome, from the education resource, to achieve the desired success within this component of Free TON.
This proposal therefore is to bridge Africa masses with the Free Ton Academy and as such does not usurp the functions of either SG’s.


30th April, 2021 - 30th July, 2021:

20th April, 2021 - 29th April, 2021

The welcome formation of the Free TON Academy enhances the Africa SG initiatives of facilitating blockchain training through firstly, the ABI Hackathon, and secondly, the Volunteers and Mentorship program, running within the Free TON Africa communities. These two Africa SG programs had been conceptualized deep in the formation of the sub-governance so as to bring value to the African masses and educate them on global development. They are now major mainstays of educating the masses within the SG so as to bring value to the Free TON network.
Similarly we believe one of Free TON Academy’s mandates is to equip, engage and train human resources for eventual benefit to the network. This is what the African community requires. A comprehensive training program on matters blockchain that is accessible, inclusive, and relevant to individual and collective global needs.

The new norm and common denominator in Africa today is digital migration in all fields, spheres and professions and there is heavy investment and regional collaboration among governments already being implemented after years of consultations.

This is also in hindsight that most African governments are also in the process of migrating their educational systems to align with regional visions in the following ways:
a) Changing their curricula from Knowledge based to Outcome based.
This is meant to foster logical reasoning, spatial visualization analysis and abstract thought, so that learners can develop better reasoning, thinking and problem solving skills. This has already been implemented in countries like Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, e.t.c., and many others are in different stages of individual country implementation.
b) Gradually scrapping National exams and introducing Competency evaluation.
Young learners are now being guided to explore their individual abilities, talents and interests and also in groups and with organizations (external establishments). This is intended to change economies and hiring mechanisms from labour based to talent based.
c) Digital literacy.

Governments are investing heavily in emerging digital trends especially in schools and ensuring that all topics and sub-topics in all subjects (no exceptions) have a digital assessment task be it individually, in a group, with a parent or guardian and or with an external organization or community. This means that in every week over 15 million pupils and students per country will be performing a digital task with the intended outcome being digital literacy. This is intended to equip learners to live in the age of science and technology innovations, and enable them to contribute to the entire technological transformation.

This in essence declares that a huge digital (young) market is being directly created in Africa (over 75% of population) and is in the coming. This is bearing in mind that the African Continent’s population is fairly young (75% of population) and mostly with lots of other acquired skills. This is the group just out of high school, in tertiary institutions, or young adults. This group is also very active on social media, knowledgeable on most matters of cryptography but lack blockchain skills or full time engagement in other areas. This is the group to be targeted for by the Academy.

Areas of interest will include but not limited to:
a) Blockchain introduction
b) Careers in blockchain.
c) Smart contracts
d) De – pools.
e) Free TON Decentralization policy and adoption of the same.
f) De-Fi
g) Dapps.
h) Blockchain Audits.
i) Non-fungible tokens( NFTs)

Some form of certification would be necessary to enhance legitimacy of the program and help the inductees maneuver the entire digital space on their own in effect greatly promoting the Free TON brand elsewhere and also attracting relevant partnerships & programs.


A ready audience of students and young minds that will benefit Free TON in the long run.
Market intelligence from the ground, be it in form of pertinent and contemporary issues, or community grassroots activities.

Seasonally update the Free TON Academy on the following aspects of learning:
a) Learning Outcomes: What students have been able to grasp at the end of a training session.
b) Core Competencies: Whether students can apply what they have grasped to independently, or in groups, create blockchain products.
c) Link to other areas: Whether students can then incorporate their blockchain creations into the latest socio-economic and geo-political developments.
d) Community Service Contribution: Whether the students have or can apply the training and creativity to craft contextual solutions for their immediate community.
e) Assessment Rubrics: Give a general summary of training sessions from eventual indicators, i.e; Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Approaches Expectations, Below Expectations, etc.

An infrastructure ready to market the Academy and its objectives within the continent.
Hackathon contestants from the ABI Campus Hackathon annual program. Our experience in running Hackathons shall be available to the entire FreeTON network.
Mentors and Volunteers within the continent to assist in content creation ,moderation of training sessions of these groups.
Promotion of the Academy programs in Africa / Engaging with influencers to pass the message.
Localization of training curricula through translations & simplifications for faster adoption.
Guiding on the level of language to utilize, so as to communicate clearly, achieve a wider reach and also for quicker and better comprehension.
Summer boot camps partnerships in the continent.( Offer Logistics and Value addition to the Free Ton Academy).


Offer a varied training methodology with objective learning as the keynote.
Proffer equity, orderly and logical adoption of candidates from our various programs for further and advanced training.
Mentor our in-house trainers for further integration of knowledge, skills and values.
Share training materials and other necessary tools with our SG.
Promote skilled professionals in engaging with the African programs periodically or with designated regular programs.


  1. The african Sub Governance shall create a working group to liaise/consult and carry out the following mandate:
    a. Create Contests for management of the cooperation agenda on a regular, or need, basis.
    b. Record all functions of the training program and execute all accented to programs by the community jury.
    c. Generate, publish and gather support for proposals from this initiative (KPI’s).
    d. Run boot camp programs in partnership with blockchain associations in the continent.
    d. Manage the budgeting and regularly submit audited accounts reports.
  2. Hackathon support team.
    3 The proposal from this initiative shall be published in all SG’s for community perusal and comments.
  3. All protocols pertaining to the individual proposals shall be observed unless in non-compliance of our general norms and practices.

This proposal forms the basis of the African community contribution to the Free TON network on educational matters. We also recognize the immense importance of this initiative to the Free TON ecosystem and in particular to our upcoming generation.

Item Details
KPI -1 Identify a working team and orientation of the curricula to the
team (Contest) 1-5-2021 - 15-5-2021.
KPI-2 Design and Publishing of the program renewable 16-5-2021 - 16-6-2021
KPI-3 Implementation stage - Program Running. 7-6-2021 - 30-6-2021

Jury Duty:
Both juries shall vote for this proposal and a simple majority of 50+1 of all registered Jury members shall suffice.
Any Juror can choose to abstain.
Lack of quorum on any SG Jury members voting process shall result in failure of this proposal.
10% of this amount constitutes Jury Awards.

Budget Allocation/ Conditions:
Estimated Budget Allocation -Administrative ending 30th July, 2021
Inclusive of Jury Duty . 20,000 Tons

( Exclusive of budgets of subsequent proposals generated by the working

Free TON Africa SG Multisig Address:


I very much support this proposal, which is aimed to assist African population in blockchain education and future job opportunities.

Africa needs our support, let’s provide it!

Thank you, John, for initiating!

Hi. This proposal belongs in the Free TON Academy Sub-governance. Thank you.

Your angst and consistent work is really great. Just needs to be in the right subgov.


This is good initiative. Thank you