Africa SG & Free Ton Academy Proposal

I like this. However, are you considering the average African who may have little to no knowledge on blockchain and may want to learn?

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This is exactly what the proposal intends to do. Apart from the many educational podcasts we do at the African SG, this is an upgrade to those who want to do an indepth research and add to their knowledge in an online class room setting being offer by the Free Ton Academy. Thanks.


Thanks Mr John, there are also many other activities, that are slowly “weaning” the everyday African (let me not use average) into blockchain technology. For example contests and even the E-sports tournaments. One of the points talked about in the proposal was “localization of training curricula and level of language to be used” so as to cater for all.


Full support! Africa is the next big thing! :raised_hands:


Great idea. This will foster growth in the African Fintech Ecosystem




In reference to our published proposal, the Education initiative in identification and appointment of the steering team is hereby published.

Interested parties are invited to submit their application so as to carry out the mandate stipulated below under ‘ Proposed Procedures ’. The successful candidates shall also implement the KPI’s as indicated in the Proposed KPI’s section of this document.

Contest Duration:

12-07-2021 to 22-07-2021.

Voting Period

23-07-2021 to 30-07-2021


To facilitate the provision of relevant blockchain education to the African populace, with emphasis on topics that will unlock the continent’s potential and awareness, especially of blockchain solutions to everyday situations.


  • Help in provision of an informative avenue to the African populace, enable authors to disseminate their expertise and generally popularize the Free TON network within the continent of Africa.
  • Help in the understanding and advancement of the crypto environment by fronting fertile discussions on alternatives available to the unbanked in Africa, especially so in contexts revolving around Africa’s economic problems. For example, fiat currencies and volatility, business capital controls, interest rates in relations to cost of loans and financial transactions, cross-border financial restrictions and remittances, among many others, in relation to cryptocurrency use and adoption in the continent.
  • Help in weaning the African populace on decentralized concepts of operation and funding, and outlining the individual and community’s benefits for overall growth.
  • Help in the dissemination, understanding, and strengthening of regulations related to cryptocurrency use in Africa and also equip the everyday African with basic capabilities of detecting fraudulent crypto schemes and further assisting in the prevention of such fraud, hence strengthening and growing crypto confidence and use in Africa.
  • Help in fostering the efforts of all those involved in creating the fairly new or previously non-existence syllabus of ‘Blockchain Education’ in Africa, with the potential of disseminating useful future-oriented knowledge, capable of eliminating a lot of negative vices associated with the youth in Africa e.g. unemployment, drug abuse, early marriages, etc., and turning the African youth into positive thinkers and effective problems solvers of challenges bedeviling the continent of Africa.

Proposed Procedures

The Free TON network has activated an education section within its network. Naturally the African continent shall interact with the training portal through provision of Authors and students to the project.

The African SG jury shall appoint Education ambassadors within the continent via this contest with the following mandate:

  • Identify the continent’s needs on all matters educational or within Free TON Africa jurisdiction and also emphasize on areas not being explored education wise.
  • Record all functions and maintain all registries on the education portfolio.
  • Design the Africa contributors/Authors contests within the African SG in relation to the Academy…
  • Market and identify candidates towards the Academy courses.
  • Participate in the Academy meetings and global education programs.
  • Recommend and design educational proposals and projects to the Free TON Academy and Africa SG.
  • Detail and determine the effectiveness of educational programs based on the training methodology and final outcome of the program be it on the individual trainees or the usefulness to the immediate community.
  • Successful candidates must be ready to attend to section meetings and contribute to the deliberations regularly. Any absconding of the same shall necessitate removal of a member by the Free Ton Africa initial members.
  • All Free TON Africa Initial members shall be deemed to be members of the steering committee and as such may not apply.


  • All applicants should be members of Free Ton and must have signed the DOD.
  • A detailed application indicating academic qualifications, bio data, telegram identity and any social media identity shall be required.
  • A short description of why you are the ideal candidate for the task.
  • Indicate your country of residence and must be fluent in ANY of the following languages, English, French, Arabic. (indicate any added languages for consideration).

Proposed KPI’s

Item Details Period
KPI -1 Working team and orientation of the curricula to the team 1-8-2021 to 7-8-2021
KPI-2 Designing and Publishing of the renewable program 8-8-2021 to 21-8-2021.
KPI-3 Implementation stage - Program Running. 22-8-2021 to 22-11- 2021.


Each of the Initial Free TON Africa members can vote for your submission.

Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10, or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, and they can also choose to abstain from voting if they do not feel qualified to judge.

Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions.

Successful candidates should score 5 points or above.

Jury rewards:

An amount equal to 1000 TONs will be evenly distributed among all jury members who vote and provide feedback. Both voting and feedback are required to receive the award.

Free TON Africa SG Multisig Address:

This is a worthy initiative whose successful completion will unlock the Blockchain potential waiting to be unleashed in the African continent!

Fully support. There is a huge market in need of the new way of education, apart from the traditional. Education that is moving with the times.

Really a necessity to the continent right now. Timely!!

Blockchain education is more than necessary in Africa. It is a go for me. No reservations.

Being in the Blockchain space, I often get the question: Is it a scam? I love how revolutionary Free TON Network is and I would be happy to share with the masses who have been scammed or are skeptical about Blockchains and or cryptocurrencies on how to benefit and leverage the blockchain. The best part is anyone and everyone can benefit from the network as there are projects that are pioneered to have use cases for everyone. I constantly and consistently share with my network how all this is possible, through programs I have had before with the support of Free TON Africa SG and SMM e.g. Apex Legends Tournaments, Podcasts and peer to peer sharing in social media platforms as well as holding physical sessions with individuals who are not very conversant with technology. When chosen, I will simply amplify the effect and share the information as far as my network goes with relevant tools, mostly leveraging on the Free TON Academy resources.

Telegram: @Ninah_pesoca
Social media:

Wallet address: 0:36925b29e1995d5b102a4d526b74e256d348dbbc712b288b7959bb0180a985ed


Name: Timothy K. Kiarie
Telegram Username: @TimK254
Social Media:

I am an active member of the Free TON Africa Sub Governance, Free TON Academy Sub Governance, and the global Free TON community, signed the Declaration of Decentralization, and participates in organizing key events, such as the recently ended Africa Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2021 in Morocco. Also, I have been conducting Beginners classes for the new Free TON users in the Africa Sub Governance to ensure they understand the functionality of the SG and Free TON blockchain at large.

Therefore, with my accomplishments and experience in offering education and the desire to educate the Africa populace about blockchain and cryptocurrency, I can offer the very best as an Education Moderator/Ambassador in the Free TON Africa Sub Governance, together with like-minded individuals, to meet and exceed the set goals/objective/aims and the proposed KPIs.

Together, we can make Africa a decentralized community. Thank you.

Ton Surf Wallet: 0:083f5ffc9580ade8531cbbc6c29ed8057ee6271b3d3b950f1d32d20fa2811e80

Check my submission for more details.

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As as ardent lover of Decentralization and the Blockchain technology itself, I was able to be part of the first 200 people to participate in the launch of Free TON Blockchain, I signed the Declaration Of Decentralization and partook in some of the contests held on and off the Free TON Forum. I have been in the Crypto space for the past 5 years, experience they said have been the nicest teacher. In my own little way of promoting Free TON amongst my peers I have done so. I believe Free TON is still very much at the early stages of development. By this its needs to be exposed to the African growing population through the teaching of important technology which will take it to a desired stage.
I have a vast knowledge of the Free TON community, technology, the needed audience to broadcast information of Blockchain and my experience so far has been the helping factor in my way to joining the Free TON community. I have launched a medium of communication through my community of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many more social media platforms an the goal to meet up with the already proposed Education KPI in the African SUG, This is my goal of partaking in this Contest.

TON Surf address:
Telegram @jixeje
Find my submission for more detailed information about me.

Name: Joseph Iferi-Ebin
Telegram: @josefophe

My experience has been some aggregate of what I have been passionate about which is in the area of education as a teacher. This has made me more enthusiastic about leadership roles and responsibilities and in the area of learning. I have served as the general secretary of the Society of Electrical/Electronics Engineering Students (SEES) during my undergraduate studies, and as a current ambassador of International Youth Mathematics Competition (IYMC) and many others.

Check my submission for more details.

                                  APPLICATION FOR:
                        AFRICA SUB GOVERNANCE

. Social Media Handles :
. Email Adress :
. Telegram Username : Jitumoto Telegram: Contact @Jitumoto
Login • Instagram
. Country : KENYA
My Submission

Dear John,

Please find my application hereby attached.


Africa Sub Governance Education Moderators/Ambassadors

Name: George Kihara Thang’wa

Nationality: Kenyan

Telegram: @Joj


Languages: Fluent in English, Kiswahili and Kikuyu. Basic French

Academic Qualifications:
PGD in Mass Communications from the University of Nairobi, Kenya
B.Ed. in English and Literature – Moi University, Kenya

Work Experience:

  1. Director of Education, Livelihoods and Self-Reliance Programs – 2021 RET International
  • Management and overall supervision of Education Programs
  1. Regional Director – Operations – 2018 – 2020 RET International
  • In-charge of Operations and supervision in Chad, Burundi, Kenya, Mauritania, DRC
  1. Regional Programme Manager – Africa - 2009 – 2017 RET International
  • Management and overall supervision of all RET programmes in Africa including conceptualization, design and proposal development and implementation support.
  1. Programme Manager – Chad, 2005-2008 – Refugee Education Trust
  • Programme Implementation of a project targeting refugee youth and adolescents in Literacy and numeracy project, Languages project, Life Skills, Secondary Education through Distance Learning, Peer Educators training, Female students support
  1. Coordinator – 2002-2004 – Hilde Back Education Fund
  • Coordinated provision of scholarship to bright but poor children to access secondary education
    in Kenya, caseload assessment, scholarship application reviews
  1. Coordinator – 2001 – Community Development Forum (CODEF)
  • Coordinated various youth community based projects in Githunguri, Kiambu, Kenya
  1. Community Services Officer – Kosovo - 2000 – Adventist Development and Relief Agency
  • Minority project implementer, rescue of trafficked women, returnee programme
  1. Secondary School Teacher – Kaplamai High School –Kitale,
    Kenya 1994 -1999
  • Taught English and literature and was a member of guidance and counselling department

Short ideal candidate statement
I am a Blockchain and crypto enthusiast keen on sharing
knowledge in emerging technologies. I like to acquire new
knowledge and identify opportunities that can impact people’s
lives, particularly the underserved and marginalized. I have a
passion for working with refugee youth and youth-at-risk.

Wallet Address:

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  1. Blockchain adoptation is still very minimal in the Sub-Saharan African Regions so with my capabilities I can be able to extend the knowledge among my peers through several means like; content creations to promote NFTs,DEfi and lots more.

  2. Promoting Free TON ideology,goals,missions,and meritocracy among the African populace through my social media handles as indicated above.

  3. Expanding my knowledge of digital skills to the African youths found in my locality equipping them with the necessary information about job creations ,using Blockchain technology and disinfecting them from the menace of drug abuse and other illegal vices in the society.
    Telegram username: @Oche74
    TON Surf Address: 0:92a411e0cf69c0f9590a820660778ee79facc9edc695e4b50c6aa7588495c084



Name of the course Link address Duration Language
An overview of the economic aspects of the Free TON ecosystemобзор-экономических-аспектов-экосис/|6 hours|Russian


Photo “Against the background of professional interests”. Overchuk Oleksandr Petrovych at the window of the operating hall of the National Bank of Ukraine with the inscription “Financial instruments in UAH (credit, securities)” 25.10.2019, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Overchuk Oleksandr Petrovych (far left in the second row) in the operation hall at National Bank of Ukraine past conferension with Ukrainian business respondents (in the center “bald” - Tomash Fiala, investment banker, CEO Dragon Capital - the investment partner, among others, is the American financier, stock market investor George Soros. 25.10.2019, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Overchuk Oleksandr Petrovych, born on February 20, 1980 in Kyiv, Ukrainian citizen, education higher. I have no insiders among the initiative jury members of the FT Academy community. I am fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, as well as English with the help of a dictionary.

I am interested in modern blockchain technologies. The main goal of my research is to study the options of the Free TON ecosystem from an economic point of view. In October 2020, I joined the Free TON Wiki team and immediately started translating Wiki publications from Russian, which I had mastered since childhood, into my native Ukrainian language. When translating texts, Wiki studied in detail the materials on the Free TON blockchain. You can find a detailed list of redeemed articles on the website (my username is Medco)

Currently, I am actively exploring the possibilities of introducing Free TON blockchain technologies into modern fintech services (banking, insurance, corporate voting, accounting for ownership of tokenized assets and their circulation, HR, etc.), about which I am preparing relevant publications. One of them has already been published in Russian on the advantages of voting procedures in the blockchainПреимущества_процедур_голосования_с_помощью_Free_TON

In early 2021, I became a member of the Free TON Wiki jury to assess the quality of new materials for the blockchain encyclopedia.

Since my student days (late 20th century), I began to explore alternative ways of calculating. The most common instrument for non-cash non-cash settlements in those years were paper bills (simple and transferable). While studying at the institute, he first prepared a thematic report on bills of exchange, which he made at an institute seminar on the subject “Money and Credit”. Further, this essay was transformed into a bachelor’s term paper. And the course work served as the basis for the successful defense of the master’s thesis on the topic: “Bill of exchange form of payments and its impact on the activities of enterprises in Ukraine” (2004).

The acquired academic knowledge helped me a lot in working in different banks in servicing clients in the field of securities and documentary operations (2004-2009).

However, when working with small farms and private farmers (2008-2018), I noticed a great inconvenience when paying with them for agricultural products (they prefer to pay in cash), since it was not always possible to quickly settle by bank transfer. This circumstance prompted me to study more deeply the possibilities of the blockchain.

In modern conditions, with the active development of the Free TON blockchain project, there is a huge potential for studying this technological platform in the context of its application in various spheres of international socio-economic relations.

Taking into account the graphic symbol of the Free TON community in the form of a crystal in the form of a symmetrical cut, symbolizing the value of this project, like the gem of a large diamond stored in the treasury of a diamond mining company, I want to emphasize the great opportunities for promising research and training within the Free TON Academy on various topics and directions of our multifaceted “crystal”.

At the initial stage of the Free TON Academy’s activities, I consider the following topics to be appropriate areas for research and training:

  • technological foundations of the Free TON ecosystem;
  • promising areas of application of the Free TON blockchain options;
  • the history of quasi-money as the predecessors of tokens issued on the blockchain for a deeper understanding of the economic essence of settlement instruments;
  • prospects for the creation of financial structures (communities) that could provide financial and banking services based on the Free TON (DeFi) blockchain;
  • legal adaptation of technological solutions (options) developed on the basis of the Free TON blockchain for widespread use in different countries.

The basic digital coin TON Crystal of the Free TON (FT) ecosystem has the basic properties that are necessary for its circulation as a settlement instrument. As of summer 2021, FT Crystals are listed on about 10 trading platforms (crypto exchanges and crypto exchanges). Their liquidity (the ability to quickly buy and sell) gives them the properties of a cash equivalent. However, there is a major factor negatively affecting FT tokens - significant volatility (variability) in their value. The FT project is at an early stage of development and the ecosystem tokens are not completely distributed among the participants taking part in the development of this blockchain platform, and this does not make it possible to objectively assess the cost value of the entire FT ecosystem in terms of technological value (by analogy with classic IT companies ).

Significant exchange rate volatility is inherent in all cryptocurrencies. Under the condition of a simple payment for goods, work performed or services provided with TON Crystal tokens, a conflict of interest arises between the buyer and the seller (with a further decrease in the rate, the buyer wins, the seller - a loss, with an increase in the rate: the seller gains, and the buyer overpays).

There are many options for leveling the volatility of TON Crystal tokens and their detailed consideration is planned in stages as part of the course: “Researching the possibilities for carrying out calculations in the Free TON ecosystem”.

At the next stage, you can consider the possibility of the formation of faculties, for example, information technology (IT), economics and law. Where students could comprehend the wisdom of the blockchain in more depth, depending on their priorities, looking at our “crystal” in 3D :slight_smile:


In 1995 he graduated from 9 classes of high school #156 in Kyiv.

In 1998 he graduated with honors from the Vocational Technical School #40 in Kyiv and received his qualification “Electrical Installer for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment” 4 category and received a complete secondary education.

In 2001 he graduated with honors from the Kyiv Industrial College, majoring in Stock Exchange Activity, got the qualification of “Accountant-financier” with the diploma of junior specialist.

In 2003 he graduated from the Ukrainian Institute of Finance and Economics (Kyiv) with a basic higher education in majoring in Economics and Entrepreneurship and earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics - Finance.

In 2004 he graduated from the magistracy of the Ukrainian Financial and Economic Institute (Kyiv) specialty “Finance” and obtained the qualification “Master of Finance” (specialization: “Financial Management”).


10/25/2004 - 23/02/2006 - worked in the branch #25 of JSCIB “UkrSibbank” Branch “KIEV REGIONAL MANAGEMENT” in the position of sales specialist and specialist of small and medium business.

02/22/2006 - 01/06/2006. - specialist of category 2 of the sector of support of calculations and active-passive

operations of the Customer Support Division of the First Kyiv Department of the Kiev Regional Department JSCIB “UKRSIBBANK”.

2006/06/02 - 23/03/2007 - expert in working with light, processing and food enterprises, enterprises of transport and communication of the First Kyiv Regional Corporate Center of Kyiv the corporate center of the BNP Paribas Group, the Kiev regional department of JSCIB “UkrSibbank”.

03/26/2007 - 03/07/2007 - Leading economist of the Credit Department of the “Pivdeny” (Southern) Bank Branch in the city of Kiev.

07/04/2007 - 08/15/2007 - Chief Specialist of the Documentary Business and Securities Division of the Office of active operations of corporate business of the First Kyiv Branch of OJSC “ALL-UKRAINE SHAREHOLDER BANK”.

08/16/2007 - 05/02/2008 - Head of the Documentary Business and Securities Division of the Management of Active of corporate business operations of the First Kiev Branch of OJSC “ALL-UKRAINE JOINT STOCK BANK”.

02/07/2008 - 09/07/2009 - Head of Corporate Business Development Division, Service Management Legal entities Branch “Kyiv Regional Department” PJSC (formerly OJSC) “RODOVID BANK”.

05/24/2008 - 09/07/2009 - worked part-time at LLC “MEDKO-AVANTAGE” (code 16477431) in the position of Director.

From 10/07/2009. and till now I work at the main place of work in LLC “MEDKO-AVANTAGE” (code for EDRPOU 16477431) as Director.

From 01/04/2010 and to date I work part-time in a PRIVATE ENTERPRISE “GROUP “KATRINIKA” (code 36830043) in the position of Director.

From 07/12/2009. I am a member of the “DIBROVA” FARMER’S FARM (code 22672243), and since 2012 I have been engaged in personal peasant farming in the territory of Kharkiv area.

Marital status: Married (2008), I have a son (2018) and a daughter (2009).

With respect and hope for cooperation,

Overchuk Oleksandr Petrovych

+380 (93) 745-43-12

+380 (68) 288-01-46

+380 (66) 963-39-84


Telegram: @olexandroverchuk

Forum Free TON: Medco

Public key:


Free TON address:


The following member of FreeTon Africa have been shortlisted for the Education Ambassadors contest and shall henceforth resume duties of the same

  1. All Initial Africa SG Members
    Yong Tyc.
    Obed Yamson.
    Charles Mwangi.
    Maina Mutheki.
    John Mwangi.
    John Kanyiri.
  2. Kayode Babanginda.
  3. Joseph Ebin.
  4. Timothy Kiairie.
  5. George Kihara Thangwa.

In reference to the Africa SG jury score to the new members submisions, we believe this team shall deliver a comprehensive education program to the continent and will begin their work immediately.

Free TON Africa SG Multisig Address:

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Congratulations to the winners.