Africa blockchain week (abcw) - conference proposal

28-JUNE, 2021 to 1-July, 2021


ABCW virtual conference is being held in Morocco, Western Africa and it is geared towards exposure of the advancement of blockchain technologies within the continent as one of the major aims.The second objective is to act as a convergence point for African and the Global ideas as presented by various speakers within the technology space.

The enormous opportunities that abound within Free TON network shall therefore be showcased as we seek to sponsor the forthcoming African blockchain week (ABCW) summit which commence 28th june to 1st july 2022.

Our participation in the Gold package sponsorship category has been identified and as such we seek to submit this proposal… Attached below is a perusal of the virtual conference agenda…


Voting Duration:
5th May 2021 -6th May 2021

Program Duration:
28 June, 2021 -1st July, 2021


The free TON network stands to gain immensely in exposing our works and philosophy to a continental event with a global audience.
The largest virtual blockchain event in Africa
Supported by Africa government community
Africa biggest global blockchain community and ecosystem
Word class content and speakers
Discover emerging trends and Best practices
Expand your network and relationship
Africa- a global technology

Benefit to freeTON/freeTON Africa

Branding-Africa blockchain week platform:
Right to published on Africa blockchain week website with hyperlink to company website
Announcements on social media platforms.
Advertisement in the e- conference/exhibition guide ( e-conference guide will be sent to all registrants by email before live days).
Listing in the e-conference guide.
Branding-Africa week virtual Summit– virtual Booth
Sponsor logo
Company introduction
Sales representative presents
Video on demand and downloadable content ( upload demos, brochures, info decks and much more for attendees to view and download)
Live chat and 1:1 meetings (right to chat at their booth or book direct 1:1 meetings with attendees.
Customer Thought leadership webinar
Panel discussion (one)
Sponsor logo
Video on demand
Speaking dip after event
VIP —10 tickets
Post event follow- up email
Thank you email with contact person details ( post event email will be sent out to all registrants including your contact person link for attendees enquiries)
Addition Brand exposure and promotion after event
Social media promotion — Nexchange platform (content provided by sponsors and posted ABCW twitter/ facebook / linkedin channel) - one(1) post
Advert in nexchange Now e- newsletter
Advert in nexchange Now

Agenda for the event:
website.Africa Blockchain Week 2021




The event shall require a team determined by the Africa SG to carry out the following mandate:

Deliberate on the nature of the virtual booth.
Create the virtual content.
Coordinate the presentations for the 3 days of the conference.
Manage the budget for the event.
Produce marketing content and subsequent press releases to the end of the program.
Liaison with relevant SG’s within the Free Ton Network


KPI. Team assembly 4 members.
Workflow and outline requirements.
Publish the program.
Pay the sponsor deposit to the host 12,000.

KPI2 Produce all contents for the event.
Event hosting Day 1- Day 3.
Completion of KPI1
Program extension program post Event as per the signed
Agreement. 12,000

Total Tokens Request. 24,000


The African SG jury members shall vote for this proposal.
An average of 50+1 of the participating jury shall pass this proposal
An amount of 5% of the budget shall be shared by all the jury members.

Free TON Africa SG Wallet: