Adoption of Everscale Official Logo


Brand identity is a crucial part of product positioning. The DeFi Alliance performed thorough work to create the network logo and related graphical elements. The community perceived the presented logotype well, and we propose to accept it as the official one of the Everscale network.

After accepting this proposal, the creators will also provide the related brand book with usage guidelines and variations.




Star badges

Round badges


Я извиняюсь , но создаётся впечатление что буква V как то… не вписывается что ли . Или я ошибаюсь … :thinking:


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Everscale is beautiful name. Beautiful logo also. Happy about rebranding. Best decision.

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Лого хорошее. Было бы отлично написать слово «Everscale» с заглавной буквой. Моё мнение.

Why was the community offered just this one option? Shouldn’t there be a choice between at least 3 logos?)


I agree. There are very few options to choose between.

The arrowish sign seems to have been decided. And it’s fine. It goes with the name Everscale. Suggesting a upward and forward movement combined.

The logo badge proposals are very basic. I would get more companies to present. Or approach the work from different angles. And create logos with different nuances.

Basically here it feels the only question is which color do you like?

I don’t wana sound too critical. Respect the work done. But without having access to the brief it’s difficult to evaluate.

My sincere call is. This 3 options are very basic. All good. But with no powerful aesthetic value.

Is it in the intrest of the community to have aesthetic value in the logo?

Also if you think about the idea of scale in Everscale. As it is now it means growth or progress. Scaling is something else.

It could be visualized in a logo with the same arrowish shape. But a smaller, a medium and a larger element of the same arrow, like the shape repeated 3 times and scaled in three sizes that fit into each other (difficult to explain but logical if thought about a bit) one after another. Suggesting the idea of something that scales. It’s the same product but serves the small level, the management levels and umbrella level. Or suggesting it’s a economically socially politically scalable product. Etc.

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