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:fire: Partnership Proposal :fire:


1. Intro

The unreleased Durov’s TON was highly anticipated among Telegram channel admins and loyal Telegram users. Admins are those who actually possess the audience and it is very important to gain their support. But, long live TON and welcome its honorable heir: FreeTON.

Being an heir is a pretty challenging task. We at see these challenges like:

  • To obtain multiple real-world token use-cases
  • Add a utility property for a token
  • Community building
  • Marketing // Promotion

We support FreeTON community undertakings, so we got back with a new version of our proposal that can help & benefit the FreeTON community:



  • The current Telegram advertising market is estimated at ~650 mlns+ USD / year* with over 100 000 channels worldwide.


Note: Russia is <5% of the Telegram userbase, and given stats are only about political channels

The potential Telegram advertising market cap in 2022 estimation formula:

(A + B + C + D + E + F + G + H) * i * j * k = $1,137bln, where:

A (Russia) = $18,5mln (politics) + $30,8mln (channels promoting other channels) + $10,2mln (external arbitrage) + $8mln (promotion)

B (CIS) = ~$22mln (mix)

C (India) = $36,7mln (mix)

D (Indonesia) = $8mln (mix)

E (English, worldwide) = $102,5mln (mix)

F (Brazil) = $3,3mln

G (Spanish, worldwide) = $17,4mln

H (other languages, worldwide) = ~ $350mln

i (y/y userbase growth multiplier) = +20%

j (y/y advertising market growth multiplier) = +30%

k (new Telegram features multiplier, boosts DAU/MAU) = +20%

  • Every channel or chat has its administrator called an “admin”

GEO: India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, South East Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

2. Proposal

In brief, AdGram proposes:

1) To make TON-based campaigns advantageous ones. We compensate % of our commission rate for TON-based campaigns to incentivize TON Crystals purchase and spend on advertisement. Users can purchase more ads with TON Crystals than usual.


  • Users can deposit TON Crystals as the payment method and run an advertising campaign at the platform.
  • Channel/chat administrators would get payouts in TON Crystals for publishing ads

2) Access to the audience. Millions of Telegram users read channels and chats held by admins. We will provide access.

3) Admin loyalty program. Every channel or chat has its administrator called an “admin”. We will reward admins with TON Crystals for the first successful post publication via AdGram. TOP-200 admins would be selected via contests and competitions. This measure drives the adoption among admins and spreads the word-of-mouth.

At the date, AdGram possesses 5 000 channels and chats admins with an overall reach potential of almost 19 000 000 views.

4) Worldwide promotional campaign. We can offer: Telegram advertising campaign for FreeTON Telegram channels and chats.

Potential GEO’s: Ethiopia, India, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine and worldwide English-language community.

Telegram audience is well segmented, so a broad worldwide and segment-wide advertising campaign is highly recommended to be conducted.

5) Open-source Telegram bots development. Telegram users love bots. Contests, quests, giveaway bots would increase the adoption among admins and FreeTON awareness of their audience respectively.

6) Channel creators motivation program for Asia, Africa, India, Latin America regions. These regions have strong positions with Telegram downloads but lack professionalism in channel management.

Core message: create channels, grow your audience, and earn money with advertisements. Get TON Crystals for good traction.

We propose to create a worldwide Telegram Advertising knowledge base and motivate admins to create channels and chats in a market’s best practices and rules.

7) Create a remittance flow. Telegram is very popular among migrants and expats: Uzbekistan ⇒ Russia, Turkey ⇒ Germany, Brazil ⇒ USA and etc. This segment is familiar with cryptocurrencies and uses them as a value transaction tool. Bitcoin is slow, Ethereum gas prices are fluctuating. So once this segment encounters FreeTON - they’d understand that this is the thing to use for remittance with help of bots and services right in Telegram!

3. Token request & Roadmap

:star: Tokens requested

770 000 :gem: + KPI #1 + KPI #2 + KPI #3

Requested tokens would be distributed among the AdGram admins who are the exact channel owners and have real audience. Plus we’ve developed a Roadmap of cool features to deliver.

:bullettrain_side: Roadmap

Stage #1. Technical integration and economy “warm-up”

This stage includes:


[Setup fee]: 100 000 :gem:

[Duration]: up to 1 month

  • TON Crystals :gem: acceptance as a payment/reward
  • CPC, CPP, CPA-campaigns nominated in TON Crystals :gem:

:currency_exchange:Economy & Marketing

  • First tests among admins and advertisers. [150 000:gem:]

Admins: 50 tokens per 1 channel with > 500 users and ERR > 10%. Admins often manage several channels, so admin can get multiple rewards if qualified.

Advertisers: +20% more ads on TON Campaigns

  • Advertising campaign for FreeTON community. [150 000:gem:]

Promopost purchase for:

  • Reward bot development (for admins) [50 000 :gem:]

This bot would allow admins to reward their audience via contests, quests. This mechanic boosts up the engagement rate, loyalty and attracts new subscribers. It is proposed as a bot creation sandbox with pre-built features like captcha solving, Declaration of Decentralization sign-up, pre-built referral system and several customization options like userpic, description and etc.

  • Motivation program for Africa, Asia and Latin America users [320 000 :gem:]

GEO: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia.

This stage includes:

  1. Worldwide Telegram Advertising knowledgebase development. Educational content: channel creation and monetization best practices, how to grow your channel’s audience, basic community building guide and many other topics.

  2. Crowdsourced Localization + Rewarding. Admins and Telegram users from different countries would translate the knowledge base into their native languages and get rewards for it.

  3. Regional community building. Locals create & manage Telegram advertising chats, help other users run and monetize channels.

  4. Regional channel admins contests and rewards.

Example: Best channel in Ethiopia award (1000 :gem:), Best admin of the month (100:gem:)

Stage #2. Community building & Engagement

  • Historical data transfer into a blockchain
  • TON Ecosystem always-on promo campaign

Tokens would be used for admin payouts for TON ecosystem products advertising. AdGram serves as the Main Advertiser and the Offer Owner and controls the campaign and bidding.
Campaign type: maximum reach and community buzz creation

Recommendation: 10-15 always-on campaigns for 7-8 segments.

  • Contests and giveaways among admins
  • Achievements system: for advertisers and admins

Admins and Advertisers get tokens for accomplishing various tasks. Example: spend 1000 :gem: on advertising and get a one-time reward: 50 :gem:

  • Referral program for admins

Tech basis: current AdGram referral system.

Referral mechanics are battle-proven to be effective in Telegram.

4. KPI’s

:dart: KPI #1 [Impressions]

5 000 000 impressions per month*

*Impressions = Telegram post views

:dart: KPI #2 [Turnover]

25 000 TON Crystals

Turnover per month for only TON-based campaigns (!!!).

:dart: KPI #3 [Active Users]

5 TON Crystals

per active user

Active user = user who created address and made 1 transaction

:dart:KPI achievement extra reward

KPI #1. +150 000 :gem: for each 5 000 000 impressions per month.

[CAP]: 10 000 000 impressions per month

KPI #2. +5 000 :gem: for each 25 000 TON Crystal advertising turnover

[CAP]: 100 000 TON Crystal turnover

KPI #3. +5 :gem: for each active user

[CAP]: 10 000 Active users per month

Transparency & Antibot Measures

We’ve already conducted thousands of advertising campaigns and we possess the data about “Good” or “Bad” channels and chats. Admins of these channels are real human beings, we communicate with them on a daily basis.

  • All statistics can be shared with a community in an open way. We can export the open-sourced advertising campaign results and stats into FreeTON infrastructure. Frequency: once in a month.
  • Blockchain metrics exporting (or dashboard)

Note: admins demand privacy, so we cannot post sensitive data like usernames, IDs

  • Advertising campaign data (results) can be written directly into the blockchain. It would allow creating a historical database of verified channels and chats. They would be labeled “good” or “bad” by direct advertising purchases and results analysis.

5. About AdGram


AdGram is a performance marketing platform in Telegram Messenger. Advertiser can create different types of campaigns: based on cost per click (CPC), cost per post (CPP), cost per 1000 views (CPM), or cost per action (CPA).

Recently AdGram acquisited, obtaining almost +3 500 admins with almost 45 mln impressions

AdGram serves as the escrow service between admin and advertiser keeping the whole process safe and transparent, and when both sides are happy - serves as the payment processor for admin payouts and statistics gathering tool.

For channel admins AdGram serves as the manual labor cost-cutter and monetization tool. Like Google AdSense, with a hint of extra automation.

AdGram in figures

Current admin userbase: ~2000 (+3500 in process of onboarding)

Current impressions capacity: 19 000 000 (40 000 000 potentially by the end of 2020)

Channels and chats: 5 000 channels and chats admins with an overall reach potential of almost 19 000 000 views.

Huge brand clients: BAT, MGTS, Click2Money (Affiliate network), Top Gambling/Betting advertisers

Payment options:

  • Bank Card (Visa/MasterCard)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • TON (technically ready, can be deployed in 7 bus.days)
  • Online payment systems (QIWI, Yandex.Money, WebMoney)

If accepted, AdGram’s wallet address for token distribution is as follows:



A good progress indeed, well done :+1:


Cool platform, do you plan to expand your audience base and create some products from the platform, maybe services or something else


Great job guys! You are an important part in the development of our ecosystem


Yes, indeed! The masterplan is to make happy all Telegram Advertising market participants: admins, advertisers, agencies, huge brands. For admins, AdGram is designed to be an all-in-one platform for channel management and monetization, for advertisers AdGram is designed to become an effective marketing tool, same for agencies. For huge brands, AdGram offers strategic expertise and a gateway into the Telegram advertising. So yeah, we have a plan and we will stick to its execution =)


@cryonyx @Markfeldman13 Thank you, colleagues! We appreciate your support


Great proposal! I support this initiative.


Hello! Great idea! Full support!


@AdGramTGAds Great job on that proposal - sounds cool and promising) Do you have any other examples of similar platforms? Any competitors?

Where are you incorporated, btw, guys?

thx in advance)


  1. We’ve acquired the largest competitor recently, so in Telegram, we are the largest ones. We saw a couple of advertising networks with ERC-20 Token, but they were classy ones - sites with banners.

  2. We are incorporated in Delaware (USA), and Singapore =)

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@Platon @Grigoriy2000 Thank you! Your support is very important for us

Sorry, Free Ton cannot be distributed to US citizens :smiley:

Don’t be sorry =) Cause the main entity is based in Singapore. This country is way more friendly. Overall friendly =))))


Круто, прекрасная идея

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Great product, tell me, do you help write media plans? Do you have options for individual collaboration?

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Интересный проект, какая лояльность администраторов телеграм каналов в вашему проекту? Можно будет хранить финансы на балансе и конвертировать их?

Very good idea! We can attracte more users from Telegram!

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Yes, we help with media plans (on a daily basis) and Telegram presence strategies. Feel free to
message us in the official chat: . or, or write an e-mail:

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  1. У нас насчитывается около 2000+ активных админов. Все они периодически берут рекламу в своих каналах через платформу, если тот подходит под фильтры и требования рекламодателя. Еще, частенько, админы рекламируют другие каналы. Так что да, пожалуй, лояльность админов довольно высокая. Думаю, автоматизация процесса сделала свое дело.
  2. В текущей версии при депозите и выводе происходит автоконвертация на уровне платежного провайдера.

So there’s no doubt about it. This is strong case. Very strong! If it were up to me this thing would have happened already.