Academy SG: Compensation for AIBC Dubai Promotional Materials

Academy SG: Compensation for AIBC Dubai Promotional Materials

About: For those who may not yet be aware, Free TON partnered with Sigma back in March and as a result, is the sponsor of the Dubai AIBC show, as well as other ongoing off-chain events. This is the first time that Free TON and Academy SG was presented and sponsored at a major offline event, which was a very important milestone.

Background: All events such as this require material expenses,including, specifically promotional material.

Proposal description: One of the participants of our SG @ElsbethTheOne prepared the necessary materials for this conference.

The following work was done:

  • design and layout of booklet
  • payment for printing booklet

This is a screenshot of the booklet design.

Total No. TONs: 400
Funds will be sent to Evgeny Morozov’s(@EMMorozov) wallet, as he gallantly sent funds at his own expense
Wallet address:
0:b92887593cd98d6d4f4ddc7bb7e7315cec7a422ea86b14fba7d25b751d51a8 d3


Valuable job for the community and should be awarded.