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Local forums live here. Please suggest more languages to add (please provide a short description in English as well as a name in local language)


Romanian- Română category

Do you have a local Telegram Group? Please send a link.

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No, sorry, i don’t have any Romanian or Moldovian TG. I was suggesting.

گروه کاربران ایرانی فری تون
Iranian free ton local group :

The site is under construction:
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Please add Indonesia Local Forum


Please add Vietnamese local forum = Diễn đàn Việt Nam

Well, i will suggest to put an english local forum here because there will be having a lot of people here which is using the universal language (English).


Is there any change to have a Finnish section too?

I suggest adding an Indonesian local board. I’m ready to be an active member there. Will be very appreciated if you consider having an Indonesian local board. :blush:

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I will suggest Nigerian local board. Nigerians are one of the largest users of cryptocurrencies in Africa, creating a local board for us will expand the community Futher more and make Nigerian pidgin English as its official language. Thank you.

Make an English branch
To publish (General) useful information.

:de: Hello community, I would like to request creation of German section. One of the reasons is that Telegram, unfortunately, is still not so popular in Germany. The situation is gradually changing for the better, but at the moment the penetration is about 10%. So at the moment there is simply no place to invite new users to without Telegram, taking into account that most of the discussions are conducted in Telegram groups. German sub-forum could compensate that lack a little bit.

@Roman_D, thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Mitja,

I run a FB and Telegram group for my country for a new emerging crypto project.
Am so blasted away by TON community that would like to open a local forum here and start to invite new users. Also would love to know if there is any possibility to be a ambassador also for my country?

Please add Bangladesh (বাংলা) Local Forum. A lot of Bangladeshi crypto lovers are working in Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks forum. So, here a local forum for Bangladeshi is needed i think. Thank you.

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I also wanna suggest to add Bangladeshi( বাংলা) local board and help to share our thought to a large community of this forum.

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Those who are working with altogether, we must have Strong community to get help from experienced one and here we will get a chance to establish a new community for Bangladeshi people so i humble request to admin that please give us this opportunity to Bangladeshi people.

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Dear sir Please add Bangladesh (বাংলা), please add Bangla, Please add Bangla. Bangla Section Needed In Local Forums, i think. Many Bangladeshi People Working in this field. So Please Consider Our application.

Bangla ( বাংলা ), We want Bangla Language.

Hello, please, add Ukrainian local forum (Ukrainian). Thanks!