About the Global Community Subgovernance category

Free TON Global Community Subgovernance - is a community that consists of professionals in different fields: bounty, content and community managers, moderators of blockchain forums, partnership organizers, authors, translators, owners of social media from different parts of the world.

We plan to expand 4 main areas, which are aimed at popularization and promotion of Free TON, growth of active community, launch of local programs and new partnerships. Our goal is for these areas to be continued by the community itself on a continuous basis in all regions of the world.

1st direction: Aggregators
2nd direction: Work with Ambassadors
3rd direction: Support for Free TON on forums
4th direction: Social network expansion


very good tahnk you it is very nice to be successful

Excellent, I am new to the community, I just found the Subgovernance TON Mexico and I have some doubts:
How can you know the status or follow-up of a Subgovernance?
Who awards the prizes for each Subgovernance contest?

Thanks in advance.


Great idea!
Thus, the community will begin to grow many times faster.


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Excellent. I wish you good luck. This is a good deed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :love_letter:

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