ABI Campus Hackathon Proposal

This is a collaboration of Africa Blockchain Institute and FreeTON Africa.

The Hackathon creates a contest from the universities across the African continent to identify the best developer students and rewards the winning projects.

This initiative will be running upto September 2021 if approved.


We shall stay to hear about the approval mate. We are waiting for the update and we hope you share us the update immediately :smiley:.

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Great proposal, but you haven’t give much details about this Campus Hackathon proposal.
Where was the last one Hosted?
How many attendees?
The sponsors and particular part of Africa where it has been hosted so far?
I’m really interested about this Hackathon.

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Good proposal. This proposal will open free TON to Africa market.

Hackathons are always challenging! Considering that, I can’t wait for this to be approved. There will be lots of creativity involved.

Kindly view the complete document at this link ABI Campus Hackathon Proposal Main Document


ABI Campus Hackathon Proposal Main Document. You will find the complete document here and hope you shall get the answers you need.


You will be able to move! I’m rooting for you!