A proposal for a logo that represents FreeTON


As the title suggests for marketing and promoting FreeTON to the public I believe the community needs a single logo that it can identify itself from the rest. Currently, in different sites the freeTON logo is asynchronous. Therefore, as a community, I call upon freetonians to decide on our official freeTON logo.


Logo should represent the root design of freeTON.


This proposal will get updated with community feedback either for the logo to be designed again or to choose from the ones that are already available.

Hello. The logo is now updated. Soon there will be new contests for the design of social networks. Maybe a new one will appear. let’s see, time will tell the best option and implementation.

At the moment, this version of the logo dominates. This logo is already present on most partner services and in most social networks.
When discussing new Listings, the guys try to use this version. I hope that in the future we will be able to come to a single style.

If there is a new version, I hope it will be very similar to this version.


Когда будет конкурс ?

Probably the new versions will not vary much from this orginal one. Although I would really like to see some fresh ideas on appearance of Free TON logo.

Free ton logo should be holistic and recognizable

This isn’t possible because every subgovernance have their own logo and they can modify this according to the demand of their community.
Although main governance logo contest can be launched for the same.

Free TON India Logo:

I got some good designer friends, will spread the word around!