A proposal for a change of Juror's voting details

I lost access to my old wallet as an African SUG Juror member, I’m writing to edit my details to the new wallet in my possession.

Previous wallet details:
Public key: e045a2fdfe7a4413b070f850e1c882c6821deaa443aebaa2228581380e2fe701
Wallet address: 0:5d9d1ab3bac7bbc00073c4ae73597615c12bd9d21fe0aeabf8d7991eab86758f

New wallet details:
Public keys: ae6b9d0ca96e66f737c84e6abb168fc7bac71c0d60434b2491c89f077ac47a2e
Wallet address: 0:2672d62af577ac2b73335a1f751946c06879fda2379fd1e947048f63a7ff6894