A generalized African community: Aims and Motivations

Hello all, here is the creation and proposal of an African Telegram Community. The African region has a lot to onboard into TON. This is the first step and a call to all African Free Ton supporters/devs/ validators to come join up the force

-The aim: to first get Africa together and subsequently start to subdivide into countries.

-The motivation:

  1. A good number of smaller African countries wouldn’t have much numbers in their group who can keep the group going and active.
  2. An African group would provide an Umbrella for all Africans to fell more connected with one another even if they don’t have much number of people adopting Free Ton from their country.
  3. It makes it easier for Africans (Leaders from various countries) to join forces and organize meet ups when the time comes.
  4. We know our common entrance barrier problems into block chain and can share ideas on how to conquer them.

Interesting proposal. I think that there should be the same terms for other local communities. It should be discussed.

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Yes, thank you for your observations.
Communities should come out with a clear cut plans they intend to achieve and all leaders will work by the plans.

A very good proposal. This will help Africans understand and embrace the blockchain.

Thanks for your observations… Let’s all join and make that happen!