#42 Wiki SG Contest Proposal: Members Selection [25.10 – 05.11.2021]


Addition of the Wiki Subgovernance (Wiki SG) membership to +10 new members from the Free TON community willing to invest the time and effort to make major decisions for the development and growth of the Wiki SG.

New members will automatically be included in the Wiki Jury and will assume the role of judging in all Wiki SG contests.



Contest period

23.10.2021 00:00 UTC – 05.11.2021 23:59 UTC


Additional members should be selected from the community to help the goals of decentralizing processes within the Wiki SG. The existing members retain their credentials unchanged.

Mandatory requirements

  1. Contestant must submit a curriculum vitae that demonstrates one, all, or some of the following:

    1.1. Be a member of the Free TON community and sign the DoD.
    1.2. Be an active member of the Free TON and/or Free TON Wiki community.
    1.3. Bring real benefit to growth of the Free TON and/or Free TON Wiki.

  2. The contestant must be a real person and can only submit one submission. In the event of fraud and/or the use of multi-accounts, all submissions from this contestant will be invalidated and the victory in the contest will be canceled. Membership fraudulently obtained will be terminated at any time later, as soon as there is compelling evidence of this.

  3. The contestant must describe in the submission one or more of the following:

    3.1. Own vision of Free TON Wiki development.
    3.2. Ideas and suggestions that the contestant is going to bring for the Wiki SG.
    3.3. How does the contestant see their benefit and value for the Wiki SG.

  4. An initiative group of members may (but is not required to) require any contestant to complete a Zoom Video Meetup. The purpose of this is to prevent fake persons and/or multi-accounts from the Wiki SG. Contestants who evaded the Video Meetup for any reason or made it impossible to recognize the face on the video (for example, video disconnection, poor lighting, poor communication, etc.) will not be admitted to the Wiki SG members, and their submissions must be rejected by the judges.

  5. The contestant must indicate in the submission the following mandatory data:

    5.1. Telegram username.
    5.2. Free TON forum username.
    5.3. Free TON address (wallet), which the contestant will then use for voting.
    5.4. The public key corresponding to this address (wallet) above.

  6. A contestant can submit only one submission to the contest. If a contestant has submitted an erroneous or invalid submission, the contestant must notify the judges which submission is correct in order for the judges to vote for it. In this case, the rest of the submissions will be rejected.

Members rights and duties

The winners will become members of the Wiki SG, and will also automatically acquire the rights and responsibilities of the Wiki Jury judges.

The responsibilities of Wiki SG members include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Participate in the life of the Wiki community, understand the processes taking place inside the Wiki SG, analyze existing problems and propose ways to solve them.

  • Participate in major decisions for the development and growth of the Wiki SG and vote on proposals that the members are authorized to make, including decisions to change the composition of the members or the composition of the judges of the Wiki Jury.

  • Vote in Wiki SG contests as a judge of the Wiki Jury. The rights and obligations of the Wiki Jury are described in the respective accepted proposals of the Wiki SG.

Rewarding members’ work can be realized through DeContests based on their personal contributions, results and benefits they have brought to the development and growth of the Free TON Wiki. There are no regular rewards just for memberships only.

Voting procedure

Judges will not receive any reward for this contest due to the lack of tokens on the Wiki SG now. However, Wiki SG reserves the right in the future to accept a separate proposal of reward for judging this contest in shares to the judges’ contribution (votes cast).

  1. Each judge will vote for each submission (contestant) whether or not the contestant becomes a new member of Wiki SG.

  2. Each judge will vote by rating each submission (contestant) on a scale of 1 to 10, or the judge can reject the submission if it does not meet the mandatory requirements, or the judge can abstain from voting.

  3. Each judge must provide feedback on each submission (contestant).

  4. The contestant will be considered the winner and new member of the Wiki SG if the respective submission receives an “passing score” of 7.0 or more.

  5. The contestant will be considered a loser if the corresponding submission received 5 Rejects or more.

  6. From the winning submissions (contestants), who have received a “passing score”, the Top 10 will be selected in descending order of the maximum score, in order to leave no more than 10 submissions (contestants). But exception: If several winners receive the same “passing score”, then all such winners will become new members, even if the total number of winners is more than 10.

  7. The current members of Wiki SG will retain their membership after this contest ends. They are subject to all the rights and obligations of the members stated in this contest.

Limited membership

Membership in Wiki SG is not guaranteed for any period of time and can be limited or canceled at any time by a general vote of the members.

The rights of any member can be limited or a member can be excluded for the following reasons:

  • Lack or insufficient activity in fulfilling their duties as a member for 2 months or more.

  • Low loyalty to the Wiki community, lack of interest in the processes within the Wiki SG, lack of results.

  • Hindering the normal operation of the Wiki SG, ignoring or sabotaging decisions made by members or the community.

Procedural remarks

  • Contestants must correctly submit their entries to the contest (in PDF format) so that the jury can view them. If the submission is not available or does not meet the described criteria, the contestant will be rejected by the jury.

  • Contestants must submit their work before the end of the contest. If the submission is late, it will not be accepted.

  • All submissions must contain the contestant’s contact information, including the Telegram username, with which members of the jury can verify that the submission belongs to the person submitting it. Otherwise, the submission will be rejected.

  • If the submission contains links to the work performed, the content of those links should include the participant’s contact details and the Telegram username so that the judges can match it and check who owns the work. Otherwise, the content of these links will not be considered by the judges.

  • The contestant must provide a valid Free TON address, at which he/she will receive a reward in case of victory (if provided for by the terms of the contest) or will use this address for voting (if applicable). The contestant should ensure that he / she keeps the original phrase and private keys from the wallet in a safe place.


Hey everybody.
I hope to be part of Wiki Team.
Greetings from France.
Wiki : Yoan


The contest is now running, you can submit your submission. We’ll be glad to see you on board. :facepunch:


надо полностью новых набирать, а не новых к старым :smiley:

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By this message I confirm my participation in the contest, and upload my submission.

Username: G.Butrik
Telegram Username: @GButrik
TON Surf Wallet address:


Hey everybody.
I confirm my participation in the contest.
Telegram : @OleksiiZa
TON Surf wallet: 0:9c0eaba95ed68b56bd722e4362b41dd9c733f492c4dfd9077497f1ef5d74ac8b


Please use English in this thread

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Why don’t we just make up a pool of potentially right people for the members, and take people from out there turn by turn, because every time when such things start (additional members or replacement) it is very time consuming.

Because a contes whose purpose is not to select members, but to select candidate members to place in the waiting queue (pool) will look strange.

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By this message I confirm my participation in the contest, and upload my submission.

Username: TS
Telegram Username: @tatiana66
TON Surf Wallet address:


Hey! Link to my submission.


Consider my application that is submitted in PDF :blush:

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Hello Wiki! I will be glad to be of service to you if you find it necessary.

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Hello.I confirm participation in the competition for the selection of members Wiki Subgovernance. I will be glad to be useful.

Telegram: @alicadmin
Freeton forum: @omic
Wiki: omic
Wallet address:
Public key:

Read my message.

#42 Wiki SG Contest Members Selection RESULTS:

Sbm 1: Telegram: Contact @GButrik / @g.butrik / Av. points 10.0 - PASSED
Sbm 2: Telegram: Contact @OleksiiZa / @oleksi / Av. points 10.0 - PASSED
Sbm 3: Telegram: Contact @Yoan_FRENCH_CHOCOLATINE_DOT_COM / @frenchchocolatine / Av. points 9.77 - PASSED
Sbm 4: Telegram: Contact @tatiana66 / @GTO / Av. points 8.77 - PASSED
Sbm 5: Telegram: Contact @freevgeny / @Ev.geny / Av. points 9.44 - PASSED
Sbm 6: Telegram: Contact @No_name_c3po / @No_name / Av. points 8.25 - PASSED
Sbm 7: Telegram: Contact @VznGo / @Whited35 / Av. points 9.00 - PASSED
Sbm 8: Telegram: Contact @tgbauer / @SvetBauer / Av. points 9.66 - PASSED
Sbm 9: Telegram: Contact @tg_codemaster / @tg_codemaster / 7 Rejects - NOT PASSED
Sbm 10: Telegram: Contact @alicadmin / @omic / Av. points 7.00 - PASSED

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