#41 Wiki SG Proposal: Members removing [PASSED]

General description

This document implements the Subgovernance Update Procedure to remove members.

Deleted members lose their rights and responsibilities that they previously acquired as members and/or judges, respectively, including the right to vote and the right to sign transactions in the Subgovernance.

Removing Members

The following members will be removed from the Members:

  1. Ilona Amalfica (Telegram), public key: 60a8e16381568bbd92187ac353076c03115a5985a9447527a7d04afc2185c3b9

    Reason: Self-rejection

  2. Evgeny B (Telegram), public key: 080d90d8f1cae7024cfbf6b8ed80be93962e9ca2809917fe7c358d5506d225c4

    Reason: Did not vote in 3 contests in a row, zero contribution to the work of Wiki members for the last 3 months and more. Removal based on bullets 1, 2 of the “Limited membership” section of the #10 Wiki Contest Proposal: Members Selection.

Procedural Remarks

Changes are effective immediately.


хорошее начало реформ !