#27 Wiki SG Update Proposal: Members and Judges removing [PASSED]

General description

This document implements the Subgovernance Update Procedure to remove members and judges.

Deleted members and judges lose their rights and responsibilities that they previously acquired as members or judges, respectively, including the right to vote and the right to sign transactions in the Subgovernance.

Removing Members

The following members will be removed from the Members (or Initial Members):

  1. Anton Chekhov (Telegram), public key: 427fcdb278e1cbaae31b09cb3102f084a4ba67762ec8c12d5aef66cd948b25fb

    Reason: Self-rejection

  2. Tobias Kaiser (Telegram), public key: 6e9a4f3d5f57cbf264acce50f71362086bfa2a51646d9164fed464c7175fbbad

    Reason: Did not vote in 4 contests in a row, zero contribution to the work of Wiki members. Removal based on bullets 1, 2 of the “Limited membership” section of the #10 Wiki Contest Proposal: Members Selection.

Removing Judges

  1. Michael (Telegram), public key: 4f0795e4f2fbe69148da797616b005cf8015aa117572ee766c54b5c07ae9b9ab

    Reason: Did not vote in 3 contests in a row. Removal based on point 7 of the “Winner rights and duties” section of the #4 Free TON Wiki Contest Proposal: Jury Selection.

Procedural Remarks

Changes are effective immediately.

А конкурс на замену этим участникам будет?

I cannot answer this question now.

Experience has shown that a participant’s promise of a contribution at the time of his choice as a member/jury does not correlate well with actual results. Therefore, if we change some lazy people for others, it will not change anything. :wink: