#25 Wiki SG Proposal: Partial revision of the #23 WRC voting [PASSED]

General description

In order to exclude attempted fraud when submitting some submissions to the #23 WRC, and due to the fact that the judges were not informed about this in time, we propose to partially revise the voting results in this contest for the submissions below and cancel payments for them.

At the same time, contestant(s) whose submissions have been revised have the right to re-submit the corresponding submissions to the next WRC and re-claim reward for the same work, after and if the deficiencies in the submissions are eliminated.

Revision Procedure

  1. The voting result for submissions #7 and #15 in the #23 WRC is declared invalid due to an attempted fraud and an unreasonable reward by the contestant(s) to himself.

  2. The reward for these submissions will be void and will not be paid in this WRC.

  3. Contestant(s) whose submissions have undergone revision have the right to correct (if applicable) and submit the same submissions once with the period May 2021 to the next nearest WRC.

  4. The judges will have to vote again for such re-submissions in the next WRC (if any), taking into account all available facts.

Procedural remarks

Changes are effective immediately.

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Contribution and motivation is more important to revise.

What kind of contribution are you talking about? You drew your Team Report with Photoshop. Your submissions are completely faked. You dishonor the Indian community. Fraud must be punished.


The facts are that you submitted your submission to the WRC without waiting for the editor’s review. Let’s omit the question of how you did it.

In other words, you yourself decided how much work you did and wrote yourself in the report the amount you wanted. It doesn’t work like that. You MUST wait for an editor to review your report before submitting a submission. If it turns out that you did a different amount of work or did not do it at all, this will be corrected in your report. And only AFTER that you will be able to submit your submission to the WRC. Follow these rules, okay?

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Free TON is a community driven project and majority of jury members are in favour of my work. I had spend over a week in Wiki. Now you are trying to manipulate voting. Why you aren’t considering jury members feedback and their importance.

Team Report and its rewards is already in jury control so what is the problem.

My contribution is important because I have created the important guide for indian people in their preferred hindi language to grow adoption of Free TON in india.

Most of the judges are also Wiki’s members. The judges were unpleasantly surprised when the facts of forging your personal report were revealed. The judges were very annoyed that they already had time to vote for your submissions and give a good mark, which does not correspond to the facts that have been revealed.

Therefore, all the judges agreed that you should reconsider your submissions. Then the judges (now as members) voted in favor of this proposal above. It was a consensus decision of the judges/members and not in your favor.

You can submit your submissions repeatedly and once to the next WRC, observing the rules for checking editors, which I wrote about above. We will re-evaluate your work.

We agree that you are contributing to the development of the Indian section of the Wiki. And you can submit a submission with this work to the next WRC.

But you shouldn’t try to trick us and bypass the editorial review. Just follow the rules and everything will be fine. Ask support on the Wiki chat if you do not understand the rules.

Any participant report and their rewards are already secured with only administrative access, then why you are afraid of report. My screenshoted report is just a request for contibuted work.
At all rewards in participants report is decided by jury team exclusively so I can’t change reward amount anyway.

I’ll donate my contribution to the Wiki and will never participate again in these type of contest. Hope Wiki will get fresh and better author than me.


This is your choice.
We gave you a chance to make amends. If you do not want to take advantage of this, then this is your right.

We welcome new Wiki contributors who play fair.

I can’t decide the reward amount of my contribution because this is in 100% jury control, then what is wrong in my contribution?

Just read everything I said above in this topic. There is a comprehensive explanation of the situation, and a guide to what you should do if you want to remain the author of the Wiki. I have nothing more to add.

If my contribution isn’t important and useful for wiki governance then you can reject my submission. I want to add more articles and guide to hindi Wiki this month but if my time and knowledge haven’t any value then I can do nothing.

We don’t know the differences between proposals and contests!

We don’t know the differences between initial members and jury members!

You are just cheating with the entire community through pass a proposal with initial members voting and ignoring the jury members feedback who vote on contest submissions.
How smart you are!:+1:

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This is a good knowledge for everyone that initial member can easily pass a proposal but it’s very difficult for them to pass a submission.

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Also a knowledge and lesson for everyone about the SMV system distrust.

Submission #7 (WRC#23)
Claimed Reward = 340 TON (before editors review)

Original User Report Claim = 335 TON (after editors review)

There is a only of 5 TONs difference in both because of counting errors. So this submission can’t be rejected because of scam anyway.
Submission #7 and #15 should be considered differently.