#16 Wiki Subgovernance Proposal: Fair Reward Ratio definition [PASSED]

General description

In order to offer the Wiki contributors and team a fair reward that takes into account their contributions and the real market value of TON Crystal, we propose to define a Fair Reward Ratio (FRR) that will apply to the specified Wiki Renewal Contest (WRC) reward in the manner and conditions set out below.

Fair Reward Ratio Application Procedure

  1. FRR is a numerical factor that can be applied to a recently completed specific WRC to offset, in whole or in part, WRC rewards in line with the real market value of TON Crystal.

  2. It is established that the accepted amounts of Wiki Rates reward correspond to the estimated cost of 1 TON Crystal = 1 USD. The FRR should strive to align the WRC reward payments to the specified value.

  3. The FRR value must be set in a separate FRR Setup Proposal, which must be accepted by members within 36 hours after the end of the respective WRC, but no later than the end of voting for that WRC. If the FRR Setup Proposal is not accepted within the specified period, then the amount of rewards in the corresponding WRC remains unchanged.

  4. If the FRR Setup Proposal has been accepted, then the respective WRC rewards must be multiplied by the FRR factor immediately before the WRC rewards are paid. Rounding of the calculated values obtained is allowed for technical simplification of payments.

  5. FRR Setup Proposal is a single-use proposal. FRR Setup Proposal must be taken separately for each WRC and must refer to the specific WRC to which it applies.

  6. When preparing the FRR Setup Proposal, members should be guided by the actual market value of TON Crystal. If the members set the FRR factor in such a way that the actual values of payments exceed the estimated cost of TON Crystal (defined in clause 2) by more than 20%, then such FRR Setup Proposal is automatically invalidated and cannot be used for payment of WRC rewards.

  7. Members have the right (but not the obligation) to accept an FRR Setup Proposal with an FRR factor below what is actually necessary in order to only partially offset the WRC rewards.

Procedural remarks

Changes are effective immediately.

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