#15 Wiki Subgovernance Proposal: Changing the Wiki Rates and Rewards #2 [PASSED]

General description

In line with Wiki Subgovernance’s goals of improving the quality of content on the Free TON Wiki and optimizing spending, we propose to make the following changes to the rates and reward system, which is posted on the public spreadsheet “Wiki Rates & Team Rewards”.

Changing the Wiki Rates and Rewards

The proposed changes relate to the Wiki Renewal Contests (WRCs).

Remove “Rewriting” rate from the “Wiki Rates & Team Rewards” spreadsheet and consider it unusable from now on. Submissions that indicate this type of work must be rejected by the judges.

Rename “Copywriting” rate to “Content creation” to better match the types of work being done.

All other rates remain unchanged.

Procedural remarks

Changes are effective immediately.

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