#14 Wiki Subgovernance Update Proposal: Members and Judges removing [PASSED]

General description

This document implements the Subgovernance Update Procedure to remove members and judges.

Deleted members and judges lose their rights and responsibilities that they previously acquired as members or judges, respectively, including the right to vote and the right to sign transactions in the Subgovernance.

Removing Members

The following members will be removed from the Members (or Initial Members):

  1. Ivan Kotelnikov (Telegram), public key: 9f63d5c3ebbb3f19081bceb0c920004e6124610c4140055e1e2c54e17081a66c
    Reason: self-rejection

  2. Andrey Nedobylsky (Telegram), public key: fb2fe560bfbdda910798e1365d9419ff6e0a75ed5262410b714f162434a88af6
    Reason: self-rejection

Removing Judges

  1. Jevgenij Limonov (Telegram), public key: b8533242e79ab167d78b030d777ea3ec8b0356c7c181f21a25bcf67552b51c7d
    Reason: conduct unworthy of a judge

Procedural Remarks

Changes will take effect immediately after a minimum of 50% + 1 vote of the Subgovernance Members votes in favor.

Is that subject to discuss for the whole community or just your internal kitchen? How the community can agree or disagree with that without to know the background of that:

Could you explain?

The decision was made by the members who were openly elected from the community. Members have the right to make any decisions within the sub.

To kick this judge out, the members got the necessary facts and considered it to make an informed decision.