0xGames - FreeTON Partnership Proposal

0xGames is a Cyprus based company founded in 2017 with a focus on creating open economy games powered by blockchain. We released our first game 0xUniverse in 2018, the second 0xWarriors was released in 2019 and a third 0xRacers is in development now. During this time, 80k users played our games, and the cryptocurrency turnover was $5m. 0xUniverse has been TOP3 dapp game and TOP1 by transaction volume according to MetaMask / DappRadar.

From day one, our goal has been to grow expertise in blockchain development. We have already worked with 6 blockchain platforms and integrated them into our games: Ethereum, Tron, EOSIO, NEO, WAX and Matic. We see the greatest potential in the Free TON. It’s great that the platform has been reborn in a new way and we would really like to get the support of the Free TON community to contribute to its adoption.

This is a win-win situation for us as a developer and for Free TON as a blockchain platform. We believe that the support of experienced blockchain game developers and its audiences will be very valuable to the Free TON community. After all, games are an important case for using blockchain tech and solving adoption goals.

We already have b2b-cases of successful cooperation with Tron, NEO, WAX and Matic. For example, at the beginning of August 2020, we released 0xUniverse’s second galaxy in partnership with Matic Network and they are pleased with the cooperation with us. Within the first 3 months, our players made 100k+ transactions with a turnover of 3m MATIC (~60k USD). As a result, 0xUniverse is now the most popular dapp on the Matic Network according to DappRadar.

Below we will describe in detail our plan of Free TON integration divided by stages.

Initial token request (upfront): 50k TON Crystals.

Stage 1
100k TON Crystals on completion.
2 months
Our developers will start development to add support of Free TON to our game framework. When a Unity game client is able to create accounts and execute transactions, the server will be able to catch results of transactions and save them to a database accessible to the client. We will also update our 0xExchange module to synchronize the Crystal<>USD rate and save it to a smart contract. Also, the first tests of NTF basic contracts implementation will be carried out. All this work is needed to eliminate technical risks and prepare for the platform’s integration into our games.

Stage 2
100k TON Crystals on completion.
2 months
We will integrate the Free TON into our most popular game 0xUniverse. We will create an entire galaxy where players can find planets that are non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Free TON (TIP-3). Players will be able to own them, rent and trade with each other via smart contract and in-game interface.

Stage 3
50k TON Crystals upfront - 100% will be distributed.
1 month
To further motivate players to explore the new galaxy and use the platform, we will spawn 12 unique legendary planets that can only be found there. In addition, we will scatter 10k crates across the galaxy, which will contain from 1-1000 TON Crystals (50k TON Crystals in total). We will cover this event in all the friendly blogs and among our 80k players. According to our estimates, this should attract about 10k+ new users to the Free TON that will execute 1m+ transactions within the first 3 months.


Stage 4
100k TON Crystals on completion.
2 months
We will integrate the Free TON into our second game 0xWarriors. The game is a multiplayer RPG that lets players manage squads of up to five warriors and equip them with hundreds of unique weapons and armor (NFT, TIP-3). Each warrior can be customized to have an original style and skillset. A player should level up and gear up to create its own epic multi-blockchain squad to dominate the combat arena and profit from trading in-game items!


The game is powered by a multi-blockchain architecture. It means that players can use different blockchains but still play together. For example, they can equip the same warrior with a Free TON helmet, a NEO sword and a Matic shield. We are sure that the combination of many ecosystems will unite different audiences and help to force blockchain adoption.


Stage 5
100k TON Crystals upfront - 80% will be distributed.
2 months
In order to motivate players to buy chests with equipment (NFT) via Free TON contracts, we will make a 50% time-limited discount and release a set of unique weapons and armors stylized by Free TON brand identity. In addition, we will launch the tournament series with a weekly prize pool of 10k TON Crystals for 2 months (80k TON Crystals in total). Likewise, we will spread information about this event as wide as possible, including news sites like Cointelegraph. According to our estimates, this should attract additional 5k+ new users to the Free TON that will execute 5m+ transactions within the first 3 months.

The total amount of support we are asking for is
Upfront: 50k
Stage 1: 100k
Stage 2: 100k
Stage 3: 50k
Stage 4: 100k
Stage 5: 100k
Total: 500k

Our wallet:

Thank you for your attention. We will be happy to answer your questions!

Contact information:
Sergey Kopov
CEO at 0xGames


Free TON should have a Crystal, not a rhombus :blush:
In general, it is necessary that games be released directly on the Free TON blockchain

The picture shows the armor that already existing in the game. When we make Free TON branded armor set, we will use the crystal of course :+1:t2:

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Not just game use-cases are cool, I think that utilising the tip-3 tokens and other Free TON technology in the real world is really important for us. Thumbs up!

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I have not received confirmation of the partnership’s intentions.
Filled out a request (feedback) on the main page of the site 0x. games.
4 days, no response.

Sorry, I missed your message. Now found and replied!

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okay, I confirm.

Tell me how many users you have at the moment?

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How do you explain such low activity?
2-20 users for the last 6 months(ETH)

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@Artist Now we have about 4000 MAU

@Ehhh_roma_roma When the transaction fees on Ethereum became too expensive, players stopped playing. After we opened a new galaxy on Matic Network, all the players began to play there, due to their low commissions. Ethereum fees remain high, so there is low activity

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Does this mean that the lower commission blockchains attract more players?

@Riemann Yes of course. If a player can play using the blockchain where a transaction costs $20 or a blockchain where the transaction costs $0.01, he will choose the second one

We have received an offer to partner with Lumi.
Part of the proposal included up to collect one of Your games (0xUniverse)

How can you comment on this?
For this position, Free TON gets one integration for double payment.

@Artist Our games have open API, which allows other apps to collect meta information about the planets (NFT), including Lumi or, for example, OpenSea and many others. Perhaps you misunderstood their proposal, they cannot offer integration of 0xUniverse and Free TON, because they have nothing to do with us

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so, thank you for your quick response.
I’ll ask them for information about Lumi collect

Just reviewed their proposal and found no mentions of our games in any context

Step 2. Integration with Lumi Collect (on-chain gaming)
Trying to figure out what that means.

I guess what they mean is that they will provide a API of their wallet for other applications so that they can use it for login and approving transactions (just like MetaMask does on a web platform). It would be useful for us, like any other blockchain games on the mobile platform

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Games is super usecase for NFT tokens and Free TON is ideal blockchain for NFTs

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More clarification will be good