World of Dogs FreeTON Proposal

Добрый день! Могли бы вы уточнить чьи идеи “нужные” продвигаются? Ребята оформили хороший пропозал, подготовили и рассказали в каких рамках будут продвигать проект. В следующий понедельник состоится лайвстрим, на котором они более детально расскажут о своих планах. Кстати если у вас есть возможность пригласить партнеров, это тоже приветствуется!


На бирже у них там за coin много что продается и покупается.


Насколько я понимаю о этом аирдропе было известно заранее?

Более того он будет не один


We need more partnerships!

Hello! Partnerships are great. I see not all are receptive to the idea. Itself a little wondering why so much negativity. You can write a list of proposals that were at the AMA-meeting in the zoom. So that the community can see that their implementation can pleasantly surprise them.


Hi dear WOD team,
today I have received information from players, which have played your game before you have applied to this partnership. They have told that you have had open statistics before you have applied, that is true?
Could you please elaborate on the numbers which were there before you have closed the statistics?
I have received info that there were numbers about ~1.5k players and you have closed statistics in about August and here you have claimed that you have about 150k of active players.
I guess community should know true, please explain your moves.


Hi. I have been playing this game for 3 months. Few months ago they closed user-amount statistics. Its not transparent thing for guys that pretend for community funds.
When they did it it was really 150k users. But real active ppl is below 10k. Most part of participants is 18-
Imho real statistics of ppl: 40%-ukranians, 40%-from Uzbekistan, ~10% russians.


Good evening. You have slightly inaccurate information, 1500 users - an approximate number of total registrations per day.

We had statistics about the number of daily registrations in the game, we decided together with the team that this feature has no value for players, but only complicates the interface and removed it.

We will provide analytics information for the whole community in the form of a presentation or a press release with answers to all questions that have been asked by community

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Please try to understand how it is looking from users perspective and community:

  • those numbers could be just fake, we haven’t received proofs. Images from statistics portals and so on could be easily faked. If we could access that information directly, or someone from community, who we believe could access system and check that by themselves, it could solve that problem.
  • some community members thought that numbers were faked and then I find out that you have closed statistics approximately before this partnership, looks fishy, don’t you agree?
  • even you will provide a report, is there any sign that all written there will be true? I could also make a fake page with fake numbers.
  • that number (1500) was approx. and provided by a player, cannot verify that, but he wasn’t alone who have told approx the same - numbers provided in a proofs doesn’t align with open statistics which was available to players
  • Ok, you say that you have had only registration per day in that statistics? Any proofs? Could you provide that page for us and the numbers which was there last time before closing so I could ask World of Dogs community if they remember something similar?
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We collect analytics from many sources. Services of analytics, logging on the database side, UTM for marketing campaigns and so on.

It is impossible to falsify the results of marketing campaigns and other analytics, it is a large number of numbers, personal data of users and reports from services.

After the presentation, we are ready to confirm all the numbers by showing them to the representative from FreeTON to confirm the correctness of the information in the presentation.

This is the final answer at the moment, wait for the releases soon.

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Игра WoD активно развивается. Я думаю что партнерство принесёт много плюсов FreeTon.

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Ok, cool, we’ll see. I hope data before partnership submission will be also available.
Thank you for your quite fast reaction and responses.

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What is the Partner wallet address?

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Good evening!
Address: 0:7AC5B7AE61CB077F93F38B427937C266746E58EC8FE90D711B01B01D6018774D


When will be the “soon release”? Almost 1 month passed

Hi! Sorry, still in preparation. As soon as we’re ready, we’ll announce it right away.

I. What is already done?

I.I Main commitment

  • We carried out technical and economic integration of ton crystal into our project, the cabinet has internal balance, possibility of purchase and withdrawal.
  • Introduced our audience to FreeTon community and TonCrystal - after a series of introductory posts we started giving away TonCrystal for registering wallets.
  • Updated the most part of the game content and economy - created quest platform and FreeTon arena, other small updates.
  • Started to hold regular tournaments on TonCrystal.
  • Started to partially take TonCrystal as payment for in-game items.

I.II Free TON Ecosystem collaboration

  • Co-hosting tournaments with the Free TON League.
  • Co-hosting tournaments with PokerTon.
  • Organizing a large number of joint tournaments, races, joint mechanics with partner projects to keep TonCrystal in the ecosystem.
  • Collaborating with AdGram on marketing. Made a payment with TonCrystal.

II. Figures & Numbers

III. Marketing

  • Advertising in Telegram Channels, Chats
  • Collaboration with AdGram, gradual launching of campaigns.
  • Conducting referral contests and other activities dedicated to TonCrystal integration.

IV. What’s left to do

  • Introducing a new geo, starting the game worldwide on the Telegram platform, scaling the number of users participating in FreeTon.
  • Increasing the number of partners from the FreeTon community and types of interactions with them.
  • Collaboration with @FREETONSHOP_bot, releasing products with them.
  • Continuing a series of posts that will introduce our community to the possibilities of FreeTon and cryptocurrency.
  • Developing a referral program for FreeTon in our game.
  • Running a big race in tournament format, combined with a wave of marketing and support from FreeTon community partners.
  • Writing and posting articles about WoD and FreeTon on a large number of well-known gaming websites and forums.
  • Boosting the marketing campaign - buying channels, chat rooms, attracting bloggers, streamers and celebrities, and contextual advertising.

V. Outro

Many thanks to the FreeTon community for the trust you have placed in us. The WoD team has done a lot of work with the game community, game design, localization, implementation of new mechanics and all this work was not in vain.

Our community loves FreeTon and now we are ready for new achievements. In the new year we will do even more!

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Initially, I did not like your idea (I do not know why they accepted it) But you definitely need to make sure that people who receive crystals (or join the Free TON community, as you call it there) should also subscribe to Free TON groups and channels. So that these people are gradually drawn into the Free TON movement. In the meantime, you are only engaged in involving Freetonians and other people in your project for paying their entrance with crystals.

Good evening, thank you for your comment. We will use your ideas to improve the efficiency.

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