Wiki SG 3-month Token Request for Ongoing Work & Growth


Following its launch goals and achieving important results now, Wiki Subgovernance transforms into Wiki 2.0 and requests tokens for the next period of its activity.

Wiki is product and team

The Wiki is a real product and a team that has achieved results over the past period:

  • 22 world languages.
  • More than 1000 published articles.
  • More than 100 authors and translators.
  • Members Selection Contest was held to represent the international community.
  • Held 9 regular WRC contests to create added value for the Everscale community and help a wide range of users and developers.

Following decentralization

In keeping with the goals of decentralized subgovernance, Wiki SG just held #42 Wiki SG Contest Proposal: Members Selection and expanded its membership with 9 new international members.

Wiki made

  • A quality control system for articles and translations has been set up;
  • The quality of the articles has improved due to the editorial checks of each work;
  • Added editor tags to help readers see a rating of the relevance and quality of the article;
  • Reorganized worksheets for ease of use and structured all information for working with Wiki;
  • A guide for new authors on creating articles and tips on formatting were made;
  • Attentive chat support service quickly answers any questions;
  • New Wiki Members recruited from the international community;
  • Increased responsibility for judges;
  • The Google Analytics statistics system has been set up;
  • Wiki structure has been significantly improved;
  • News and important announcements are regularly published in two Telegram channels (in Russian and English);
  • Everscale Wiki news coming to Twitter from June 2021;
  • Relevant topics have been created and maintained on popular crypto forums;
  • The number of authors, translators and native speakers has grown by almost 50 new members;
  • The number of submissions for contests from authors and translators has grown from an average of 20 submissions to over 100 submissions now.

Translation of the Everscale Whitepaper

Wiki works for the community! Following this motto and requests from the community, the Wiki translation team quickly translated the Everscale Whitepaper draft into Russian. We plan to synchronize this document with the final version and publish the original and translation. If there is a request from the community, we are ready to translate the Everscale Whitepaper into other languages present in the Wiki.

Changes in the Wiki 2.0

Wiki SG migrates from the previous model of regular contests (WRC) to the decentralized DeContests.

Presumably, the old WRC contest model will remain temporarily for a transitional period, but only for Wiki authors and translators. This is because the DeContests competitive model creates some unresolvable collisions (see next note).

For example, it is not clear how to evaluate, through DeContest, two different authors who did the job of the same quality, but the volume of work for one of them is several times greater than that of the other. The problem is even more aggravated if the quality of the work is different, and there are dozens of authors, and they have written (translated) hundreds of articles of different sizes into several different languages. The correct assessment of the contribution with such a complex combination of factors can now only be decided through the model of WRC contests.

All other contests on the Wiki SG will be decentralized.

Specific Wiki 2.0 plans

Wiki SG will pay more attention to interaction with the community, changing workflows, inviting new active members to participate in the work of the Wiki.

  • Decentralize subgovernance processes more
  • More attention to the community’s opinion, including polls to improve the work of the Wiki, analysis and implementation of the best ideas and suggestions;
  • Regular work with the community through the invitation of an SMM manager for wide coverage of the Wiki’s work within the Everscale ecosystem and outside;
  • Increase the team of editors to improve the quality of materials;
  • Invite as many active community members as possible to solve actual problems in the Wiki;
  • Increase the number of articles in English;
  • Update articles about the Everscale ecosystem;
  • Update the Everscale Whitepaper draft and publish the final version;
  • Hold a contest to increase community involvement in the work of the Wiki.

Also Wiki SG is planning some interesting innovations. Announcements and related documents will be presented to the community in the future.

The Wiki SG will continue to evolve to better meet the expectations of the Everscale community.

Tokents estimating for the next period

The Wiki SG tokens are now fully spent.
Wiki SG requests tokens for the next 3 months for ongoing work and growth.

No Description Amount, EVERs Qty of contests Total, EVERs
1 Remaining payments for the finished #36 Contest 39 282 1 39 282
2.1 Contest for author and translators 40 000 3 120 000
2.2 Judging for contest 6 000 3 18 000
3.1 DeWorkflow Contest 50 000 1 50 000
3.2 Judging for DeWorkflow 5 000 1 5 000
4.1 DeEditing Contest 20 000 1 20 000
4.2 Judging for DeEditing 2 000 1 2 000
5.1 DeTech Contest 10 000 1 10 000
5.2 Judging for DeTech 1 000 1 1 000
Total: 265 282

Clarifications on contests

Remaining payments for the finished #36 WRC: Part of the reward for this contest was not paid to contestants due to the exhaustion of the tokens.

WRC for author and translators only: To motivate authors and translators who provide the core content of the Wiki website and add value to the Everscale Wiki to better meet the needs of the Everscale community and help a wide range of users and developers.

DeWorkflow Contest: To motivate active participants of the Wiki Subgovernance who make the work of the Subgovernance possible, including: Operational tasks and workflows; Creation of documentation, user guides, and proposals; Interaction with the team, members and jury; External contacts, partnerships and collaboration with third parties; Community reporting and publicity; Interaction with the community; Helping users; Supporting FAQ; Writing news and announcement; Holding an AMAs and other events around the Wiki.

DeEditing Contest: To motivate Wiki editors, review editors, and chief editors who make the following: Checking for machine translation and/or uniqueness and then entering the results into a “Review editing” spreadsheet; Checking the author’s draft with the work on “Content creation”; Qualified verification of technical data; Checking and quality control of Wiki articles with error correction (style, grammar, spelling, punctuation); Maintain and improve the structure of the Wiki, support for language sections.

DeTech Contest: To motivate technicians who provide technical support, Wiki website support and maintenance, including: Updating the engine and plugins; Installation of the necessary themes, plugins and software components; Hosting maintenance for the Wiki website.


Well written! I think that Wiki is a fundamental Subgovernance (and the project), inextricably linked to Free TON. It is a huge and extensive knowledge base that helps beginners and experienced users alike.


Full support.
Let’s continue this journey and improve as much as possible our Free TON Wiki.
French people like it, and it helps a lot to understand the way Free TON works, I had and I have a lot of encouraging feedback.


It is good when the authors of their reviews in the media make links to the materials of the FT Wiki on blockchain issues.


It seems to me that your requests in relation to your work are overpriced in the region of 5-15 times in comparison with the market value. My verdict: definitely NO!

Мне кажется, что ваши запросы по поводу вашей работы завышены в районе 5-15 раз по сравнению с рыночной стоимостью. Мой вердикт: однозначно НЕТ!

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Вы там с ума посходили ? Откуда такие цифры ?
Может сразу 5млн ?

Это абсурд! Я считаю Вам вообще ни одного токена не нужно выделять !


Move on. I support the proposal :blush:. WiKi SG has been actively contributing to increasing the Free TON knowledge-based resources for the online community. Budget is required for its life and I hope the maingov approves it.


This seems like a nice idea. Very precise and detailed proposal. And the request for tokens looks well justified relatively to the other informative proposals. Good luck!


Support the proposal to encourage all wiki authors and administrators who have established a useful knowledge base of free ton infrastructure.


I don’t like this offer, because it don’t cost requested amount. The Wiki progress is not worth this money.

I recommend to reassembly Wiki SG by integrating Wiki activity with already working SG like CommVoice, or create another more general Mass Media SG with additional members (from teams like FreeTON house).


Однозначно НЕТ! Нужна полная реформа WIKI, запрашивают очень большие средства, но полноценной системы не смогли сделать за год, постоянно ссылаясь на децентрализацию.


When one person in the team steals or does not fulfill his official powers, you need to change your head, and then everyone else. Since everyone is to blame for this situation.
Exactly the same should be done with Vicki.
Completely change the top staff and all employees. Very bad! Highly! No result! They only spend tokens. Alas!

Когда один человек в команде ворует или не выполняет своих должностных полномочий - нужно сменить голову, а дальше всех остальных. Поскольку в этой ситуации виноваты все.
Точно так нужно сделать и с Вики.
Полностью поменять верхний штат и всех сотрудников. Очень плохо! Очень! Никакого результата! Только тратят токены. Увы !

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Look, Wiki is not a mass media like FTH. It’s another. It’s like a chronicle. But not just cumulative one, it’s continuously updating. It is very easy to criticize, although the team of authors, translators and editors did a great work in the first year. On the previous stage Wiki was working on the structure of the encyclopedia and the quality of the articles, joining new natives and opening new language sections. And now the Wiki team have heard a community voice and now is improving the model to be more relevant to the community interests. Thanks to all community members who now are joining to improve Wiki.

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Где там структура ? где качество статей ?
А они еще решили на Мальту скататься ))

I support, for example, I found out about freeton by accident after learning about the wiki. many criticize, but they have done nothing.


кто ничего не сделал, тот ничего и не получил. А вот кто сделал плохой продукт и постоянно ссылается на децентрализацию и говорит приходи и сделай лучше - а токены получил и очень много !

You are lying about stealing.
Show proof or be responsible for what you say.
Slander and lies are disgusting human qualities. :-1:

По поводу воровства вы лжёте.
Предъявите доказательства или отвечайте за свои слова.
Клевета и ложь - отвратительные человеческие качества. :-1:

I support this. This SG has shown good content and yielded good results. Good subgovernance and interesting contests.


только он оказался полностью бесполезным для пользователей, люди ищут перевод WhitePaper и их отсылают на сайт WIKI но половина не знает об существовании, вторая адрес не знает. А потом все возвращаются, потому что-то там не могут найти этот важный документ, потому что структуру WIKI ужасная, а зачем переводили ? зачем за это токены платили? просто чтобы было ?

и за это надо инишилов отправить на Мальту !

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С ваших слов создаётся впечатление, что эти люди, которых вы упоминаете, серьезно занимаются криптой, но при этом не видят ссылку на Whitepaper на главной странице Wiki, и совершенно не умеют пользоваться поиском.

Я сделал для вас скриншот главной страницы и скриншот с инструкцией, как пользоваться поиском. Надеюсь, теперь вы найдете Whitepaper и сможете просветить других об этом.

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