What is DebiTON? New app for Free TON


What exactly does not suit you: 2% (now) or the ability to control the agreement and tenders in order to prevent theft and fraud?


Что именно вас не устраивает: комиссия 2% (сейчас) или возможность контроля за партнерами и конкурсами, в целях избежания воровства и мошенничества?

So far, I only ask leading questions, but if there is so much aggression, then there will be pretensions. First, change your tone. You can give instructions to your team, and I will deal with my own affairs. Am I making myself clear? And in vain you shout so loudly about embezzlement and squandering of funds, usually those who are really involved in this do so to divert their eyes. Weren’t you a member of the controversial Web & Design subgavernance? And as far as I remember, you edited and curated the same contest about the blog. Correct if not. If you look at my history, then I have always been against the waste of funds.
I just asked you about how your commissions would work in general, because your proposal does not contain business logic explaining the principles of distribution among partners and sub-governances. You then replied in the message - that on a voluntary basis. Instead of a constructive dialogue, you began to write aggressively to me about what I am for theft. Although I pointed out to you in the first message that your idea looks exactly like that. Under the guise of fighting theft, you want to make the profit yourself.
And regarding the voluntary selection of partners, most likely all partners will OBLIGED to work through DebiTON. This is why I brought these issues to the attention of the community.
In general, we are in the same boat. We have a common goal - the development of the leading blockchain at the moment. We need to move away from a large number of weak projects to a small number of really strong ones that are useful for the entire community.
Instead of development, you quarrel and prove your opinion in dubious ways. You need to think about progress, look for solutions.
We can continue to argue or communicate normally. The choice is yours.

Hello. Speaking the language of the word is not difficult. But I will be happy if I see from you the implementation of your proposal. But so far, Senya has done well. He came up with and developed a product that will benefit everyone: the community, individual users, and himself.

Senya, keep working while this person is just talking. That’s all. Imho.

Hello. Take you for example, the word is your weapon and bread. And no one judges you. I myself read your articles with pleasure. So maybe let’s not jump to conclusions? The main purpose of this forum is to discuss initiatives. What I am doing. Moreover, members of the community are asked to leave their comments here. A couple of months ago, a person here told me that you need to present yourself in order to make comments, to which I clearly described my participation in the project to him. But then he himself was removed from the forum.

I would not say that Korg’s words are devoid of logic. It really looks like a convenient scheme for cutting the budget, especially for someone unfamiliar with the behind the scenes. Especially if the proposal doesn’t have a chance to be accepted without vesting. At least 4 key members are already pushing this higher. So skepticism is quite reasonable here. The point is not whether this is a scheme or not, but that no one trusts anyone anymore. This is sad.


Oh, lol) My questions and clarifications are deafening, norms position. I can’t hold discussions with a tree, when they still drag me in where I was not))). In one text I see 3 lies. How do we continue to communicate if you have already shown yourself here, “fighter for justice”?) This is a diagnosis. I advise you to walk to the hospital and get checked) I personally am not in the same boat with you, I always have a gag reflex to idle talkers. Sorry, let the guys read above what kind of nonsense you shit. My service is clearly not for sawmills and it will always have haters, and you are included in this number! (haha! Get ready, I am for your soul) :slight_smile:


Ох, лол) Мои вопросы и уточнения - мимо ушей, норм позиция. Не могу вести дискуссии с деревом, когда меня ещё приплетают там где меня не было))). В одном тексте вижу 3 лжи. Как мы можем продолжать вести общение, если вы уже здесь показали себя, ‘борец за справедливость’?) Это диагноз. Советую вам прогуляться до больнички и провериться) С вами я лично не в одной лодке, на пустословов у меня всегда рвотный рефлекс. Извини, пускай ребята почитают выше, что за бред высираете. Мой сервис явно не для распильщиков и у него всегда будут хейтеры, а вы походу в это число входите! (ха-ха! Готовьтесь, я по вашу душу) :slight_smile:


This is an optional procedure, just familiarize yourself with the project, and if you want - then come to the call in the flood - I’ll explain it on my fingers :slight_smile:


Это необязательная процедура и не предложение для кого-то, это лишь уведомление о том, что есть такой сервис, не более, просто ознакомьтесь с проектом, и если хотите - то можете придти на созвон во флудилке - я поясню на пальцах :slight_smile:

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Хорошее предложение. Тем более, что есть выбор - использовать или нет решение добровольное!


Yes, it is, you yourself decide to use it or not, as well as management, partners (this gives them confidence and at the same time gives confidence that the conditions will be met, and if not, then the return of tokens). See that there are no requests, nothing more. But as we see, what scares certain people (namely, that you can return the entire balance of funds by clicking, because others will have to work, and not cut a freebie).


Да, это так, вы сами решаете использовать это или нет, как и управления, партнеры (это им дает доверия и при этом дает уверенность того, что условия будут выполняться, а если нет, то возврат токенов по нажатию кнопки). Посмотрите, что нет никаких запросов, нет ничего более. Но как видим, это пугает определенных людей (а именно то, что можно по клику весь остаток средств вернуть, потому, что другим придется работать, а не халяву срубить).

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You set the tone for communication. The community needs this product as an additional element of control over the performance of the competition participants. Where do you see the milking thing? On the contrary, a person made the tool himself, without any funding, to solve the problem. You only criticize the decision, do not offer your own. If you have your own ideas, then make your decision first, and then criticize. Responding to the last sentence, Senya exactly as you can see thinks about the solutions, develops them and tells the community about them.

I suppose we all love blockchains like Bitcoin, because that are trustless systems. Trustless here means - there is no need for trust at all. Below a quote from Binance glossary:

A trustless system means that the participants involved do not need to know or trust each other or a third party for the system to function. In a trustless environment, there is no single entity that has authority over the system, and consensus is achieved without participants having to know or trust anything but the system itself.

You position your mechanics as the solution to the trust issue. But this is not the case. It just shifts the trust issue to another point. Instead of trusting the partner that he will fulfill all his obligations for which he has already received tokens, the community now needs to trust you that this is not some kind of collusion with the center of decision making under the guise of good intentions. Because the desicion making center has all instruments to force contestants and partners to vesting. Can you prove, you don’t have any cut&kickback agreements with initial members? No! Neither can I prove that such an agreement exists. Is the problem with trust solved? No!
It doesn’t mean we don’t need vesting / token lock at all. And here I agree with Korg - such mechanics must be a part of DGO, which everybody can use and pay only for gas without any intermediate (to exclude intermediates is one of the attractivest properties of the blockchain). That is trustless and avoids every off-chain collusion.
Without no doubt you invested a lot of time in your work, but you also must understand why some people here are allergic.

Good be a great App for merchants.

This is just the beginning, but thanks for the feedback!

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Judging by the reaction, you need to seek treatment. You behave inappropriately and write insults here. Then they banned me, using the rights of a moderator for their personal needs. Will you ban everyone who asks uncomfortable questions about your projects? Let’s close the forum altogether if it is impossible to write critical comments here and create healthy competition for the Free TON ecosystem. I did not get personal, I discussed only your PROJECT, not the creators.

Then, when you realized that I was skeptical, they began to assert that only “sawmills” were against. Is it “free choice” as you say? From your messages it appears that the partners who choose her are honest and decent. And the rest are scammers?
As for funding, you say you didn’t ask for anything. It looks like a plus. But in the future it will pay off many times over, take the same one Cointelegraf, they have 7 million vesting, if 1.5 percent is already 105k per year. According to your idea, the percentage will be taken from each partner / sub-governor / seller, so a decent amount will come out.

Now let’s look at how other tasks are being solved to keep the community and blockchain running. If we need tools for validators, we organize a competition to develop them. The DeFi sub-governance creates bridges to other blockchains. Writers write articles to increase the awareness of Free TON. DGO recently developed a smart contract system for voting on the blockchain. They do all this through contests, not for interest.
Then why should such an important aspect as payments from the community budget, and in a meritocracy it is public, be monopolized? It is logical that there should be a competition and our dear participants will choose the best smart contract system for motivation.

На русском языке.

Судя по реакции это вам нужно обратиться за лечением. Вы неадекватно ведете себя и пишите здесь оскорбления. Далее забанили меня, пользуясь правами модератора для своих личных нужд. Вы всех кто задает неудобные вопросы относительно ваших проектов будете банить? Давайте вообще форум закроем если здесь нельзя писать критичские замечания и создавать здоровую конкуренцию для экосистемы Free TON. Я не переходил на личности, обсуждал только ваш ПРОЕКТ, а не создателей.

Потом, когда вы поняли что я настроен скептически, стали утверждать что против только “распильщики”. Это “свободный выбор” как вы говорите? Из ваших сообщений выходит что партнеры которые выберут её - честные и порядочные. А остальные что сразу мошенники?
Про финансирование вы твердите что ничего не просили. Это выглядит как плюс. Но в будущем то это многократно окупиться, взять набивший оскомину Cointelegraf, у них вестинг 7 миллионов, если 1,5 процента это уже 105k в год. По вашей задумке процент будет браться с каждого партнера/саб-гавернанса/продавца, так что выйдет приличная сумма.

Теперь рассмотрим как решаются другие задачи для поддержки работоспособности сообщества и блокчейна. Если нам нужны инструменты для валидаторов - мы организуем конкурс для их разработки. Саб-гавернанс DeFi создает мосты до других блокчейнов. Писатели пишут статьи для повышения узнаваемости Free TON. В DGO недавно разработали систему смарт контрактов для голосования на блокчейне. Всё это они делают через конкурсы, а не за проценты.
Тогда почему такой важнейший аспект как выплаты из бюджета сообщества, а при меритократии он именно общественный, должен быть монополизирован? Логично что должен быть конкурс и наши уважаемые участники выберут лучшую систему смарт-контрактов для мотивации.

Minor edits:

  1. Now not only whole numbers are accessed when creating a smart
  2. Reduced the delay in processing the payment verification script.
  3. Added highlighting of successful transactions.
  4. When creating a smart, you can specify.

In the near future, the sub-government will be able to provide access to statistics by link.

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Отличная идея, явно многим проектам она необходима):+1:

I don’t see a problem here.
Write a proposal for a contest and community will write a free alternative for this tool.
For now, while there is no such proposal from you or anyone, we should be thankful for a tool that is desperately needed.


@Mecubo , will it be possible to take a look on the tech details (code) behind this project?

Проект DebiTON опубликован на платформе tonseed.com. Приходите поддержать создателя такого мощного инструмента для нашего комьюнити!

The DebiTON project is published on the tonseed.com platform. Come support the creator of such a powerful tool for our community!

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Что будет, если человек получил деньги за первый период работы, весь второй период выполнял работу а плательщик отменил исполнение контракта и кинул исполнителя? Или наоборот, раз первый платеж отменить нельзя исполнитель согласился на работу, получил деньги в контракт, ничего не сделал и получил деньги по таймеру? В обоих случаях можно кинуть друг друга, не вижу в этой схеме преимуществ между p2p переводами

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