Validator Contest: Devops tools [Finished]

When will be the result?

Will discuss that tomorrow on a weekly call.


Great news! Thanks a lot.

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UDP: Fixed all docker/kubernetes issues with TGbot integration. Works 99% of functionality.


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In this submission there is no reference to any other network than the FREETON network. The toolkit is called ‘GRAM’ because it’s easy to differentiate it from the currency TONs while still being unique enough to differentiate between itself and the actual freeTON code.

Right now you must build and compile the TON C++ locally (even if you are using Docker). I’m working on replacing generate-initial-keys binary and many other improvements.

You can build docker images for a number of OS’s (probably one of the more robust docker test kits out there and the images are optimized somewhat)

It uses pm2 to manage the different processes: validator node, nodeJS API, documentation server, web server to house the Vue app toolkit.

It also uses tmux to throw up some logs so you can kind of see what’s going on at the core layer, though I recommend some of the other great tools for more advanced monitoring and joining elections, I didn’t waste my time since others have done such a great job there.

The toolkit also comes with a nodeJS API which can talk to lite-client on the node, so it makes it as easy as a POST request to send files and GET request to get account info/run methods, no pub key needed. It also serves up the config json and liteserver pub keys.

I’ve added a JSON-based block explorer to the TON C++ (which is merely a copy of the other block explorer with all of the garbage HTML removed).

It also comes with a VueJS / cordova / electron app that you can extend to your liking, and I plan much more to come there.

The documentation is nice, you can check that out by looking in the docs/ folder.

It does include the WASM kit for fift/func in case you want to use those.


Update on my Cloud bot

New features:
Added Alerts
Support for online monitoring of multiple addresses.
The bot can update the last message, which shows monitoring of all addresses.
Abbreviated record of addresses, for better usability.
And fixed some bugs.
Look here: with Alerts

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Smart contract deployer in 20 seconds =)
Fast, secure and installation in 5 steps without brain xD


ftvmon has been updated, numerous performance fixes (its own cpu load is negligible now), added number of threads in validator’s process check. Please note that the process check has been moved to ExtCheck section of the config.

SuTon has minimal MVP now, in particular:

  • TonValidator deployment in a given env, execution and synchronization
  • TonControl deployment and can track for validator health and its sync status
    (automatic elections will appear soon, code is ready, but being tested)

Deployment settings are done for infra-as-code style, so your settings can be tracked using Git and easily sharable across the team.
It also supports multi-node scenarios, each having own set of settings.

All bits deployed via docker-compose, no ports exposed except ADNL one for validator.

Usage, architecture and settings details are in reamde:

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Hey guys,

I’ve implemented the stake sending/recovery algorithm as a Web service in Node.js, configurable via HTTP API.
It will bring your automation to the next level by simplifying tasks, otherwise involving shell scripting and cron usage.
HTTP API may be used for building dashboards, bots and whatever you can imagine!

Docker image is available.

Current feature set:

    • send stakes, multiple times during the same elections if you want
    • recover stakes and rewards
    • configure the size of stakes to be sent
    • view elections history (keys, signature, stake size, etc.)
    • obtain the following validator’s stats (as JSON or InfluxDB line protocol string):
      • number of blocks signed
      • current stake and weight
      • current wallet balance
      • TIME_DIFF
  • Daemon Mode
    • independent crontab-like configuration (with seconds-deep resolution) of periodic stake sending and recovering jobs
    • preventing jobs from being run if the node is out of sync (TIME_DIFF abs value exceeds a threshold)
    • capability of being turned on and off via the config file (in case you want to control it yourself via API)

Road map:

  • Basic authentication
  • Multiple nodes management

Everybody is welcome to test it and make feature requests!


The jury members have been selected. They have been and are continuing to review all submissions for the following contests:

Airdrop Mechanics 1
Developers Contest: Soft Majority Voting system
Validator Contest: DevOps tools
Decentralized Support I – Present Supporters
Decentralized Promotion
Idea Management System Contest

Please understand that this is not an easy task given that there are almost 200 submissions in total; however, the jury is determined to do their very best to cast all of their votes by the end of the day, Monday, June 22, 2020.

Thank you for your patience!


how many members the jury has?

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Было бы здорово, что бы все команды были в боте уже прописаны и при выборе команды из списка выдавали бы информацию.

если речь идет про /команда, то, возможно и стоит сделать такую доработку. Спасибо, я запишу.

Hello! Update for TonTgBot, now you can install it under user. No root needed! Thanks for your support!

  • Auto stake (Max stake) mode in config.

Вчера вышло обновление, я переделал немного бота, и теперь инсталляция доступно под пользователем. Спасибо всем за поддержку!

  • Добавлена автоставка(Максимальная ставка) для стейка
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Hi everyone!

Since DevOps contest is over I’m ready to share my piece of stuff: tonos-cli wrapper.
In the very beginning, it was frustrating for me to run tonos-cli from the specific folder and if you tried to run in from different place you would get problems.
In addition, it requires specifying an overwhelming number of static parameters, but all this can be saved in the configuration file and used if necessary, and that would trim the tonos-cli command two or maybe three times.
So I decided to simplify my cli and developed a wrapper: ftn. a tonos-cli wrapper

Since it has never been tested by anyone other than me, I consider it more like an alpha version.
And now I welcome anyone who will give this tool a chance and try to use it and share their feedback.

Thank you in advance.


Подключил вашего бота к ноде, все было хорошо пока в один прекрасный момент бот не заблокировал ноду, и пока его не снес, нода не заработала, таким образом пропустил 300 блоков и с 5-й позиции улетел на 60-ю. Вывод: не пользуйтесь ПО конкурентов, если участвуйте в одном конкурсе.

Весьма интересная ситуация, бот ожил и начал блокировать ноду
Пересмотрел код, но блокировок бот не делает. Пришлите телеграмм, я напишу вам

Don’t look for easy ways, I’d say.

There is no node block code in this bot, the code is open on GitHub
Monitorings and alerts. Let’s wait for information. For now, it looks fabulously

Upd. Information provided by Aleksandr
He disable the bot, all was good, bot stopped. After that in short period of time there was a node down, why? We don’t know, but TONTgBot didn’t stop the node, because it was off