UPD: TON Crystal yield farming

UPD: TON Crystal yield farming

In this tutorial, we will look through the subsidized liquidity providing program for USDT-WTON trading pair on the Uniswap exchange.

Among all those who have provided their liquidity to this pair, 210 000 crystals will be distributed over three weeks. If you want to participate in this program, you need to follow these steps:

Receiving WTON and sending to Ethereum

Install Crystal Wallet for Google Chrome and restore your wallet with the seed phrase. If you used Crystal Wallet for desktop with 24-word-seed before, choose the WalletV3 type of wallet.

After that, click “Select assets” and select all that you had.

If you don’t see some on the screen, no worries: you can add them manually by inputting the address of the root token contract.

Transferring WTON to ERC20 blockchain

After wrapping your TON into WTON using wton.io (How to wrap your TON? - WTON), you can transfer them to ERC20 blockchain through the Bridge.

Please follow this guide to do so: ETH-TON Bridge - How to transfer the tokens from Free TON Blockchain to ETH? - Crystal Wallet

You might need to add the WTON token manually to your Metamask. The contract address is 0xdB3C2515Da400e11Bcaf84f3b5286f18ffF1868F

Connecting Metamask

Let’s say we already have all the necessary tokens on the Metamask wallet, then we need to connect Metamask to Uniswap — go to the main page, click “Use Uniswap”, then “Connect to a wallet”. Choose Metamask from the list.

Adding liquidity to the pool

Now we are ready to join the pool as a liquidity provider. To do this, go from the main page to the “Charts”, in the search enter “USDT-WTON” and select this pair.
(Or just go to: Uniswap Interface)

Enter the required amount of USDT and WTON. Click on “Approve” to confirm that Uniswap can access the tokens on your wallet. Please note that you will need to have ETH on your metamask wallet.

In a few minutes you will receive a confirmation for the transaction. After that, the “Supply” button will become available. Click and confirm the deposit of funds into the pool.

In a couple of minutes, your funds will be successfully added to the liquidity pool.

You will receive LP tokens Uniswap-V2-USDT-WTON which will represent your liquidity pool position.

You need to add a token to MetaMask manually, similar to WTON.

Token address: 0x5811ec00d774de2c72a51509257d50d1305358aa

Farming TON

Received tokens must be transferred via Tonbridge 2 in TON Crystal Wallet: Select “ETH-TON”, Uni-V2, and enter the number of tokens to transfer. You can follow this guide for the transfer: ETH-TON Bridge - How to transfer ERC20 tokens from ETH to Free TON blockchain? - Crystal Wallet

Once you have received the UNI-V2-USDT-WTON tokens, you can input them in the farming pool. Farming Guide - TON Swap

Provide liquidity

It is the most complex part; please be attentive.

Go to the Pools section and follow the instructions.

Select the pool

Well, that’s obvious: choose the tokens you want to provide.

Connect the account

For the first time, if you haven’t created an account before, TON Swap will ask you to do so.

It will deploy the contract through Crystal Wallet - you just need to confirm the transaction and pay the network gas fee.

Connect the pool

Now you need to establish the connection between your account and the pool. The same algorithm: click “Connect”, confirm the transaction in Crystal Wallet, wait for a while until it finishes.

Some people report that the spinner rolls for a long time - it is safe to refresh the page and select the pool again. You will not need to pay twice.

Provide liquidity

Input the amount of both tokens that you are going to provide. Please pay attention that it may affect the exchange rate.

Once you input the first amount, TON Swap will automatically adjust the second amount according to the current exchange rate.

However, there’s an option to provide only one part of the pair. In that case, TON Swap will automagically perform the exchange in the background to get the necessary amount of the second token.

Now is the small peculiarity: you need to transfer your tokens to your account. If you don’t have enough balance on your account, TON Swap will prepare the transfer and will ask you to confirm it in Crystal Wallet, separately for each token (like it is shown on the screen below).

Once the balance on the account is sufficient, the system will allow you to supply liquidity by pressing the button name… “Supply,” of course.

After you’ve done everything, you will get the Supply receipt - the confirmation of successful liquidity provision specifying the amount of LP tokens you got in return.

You will automatically receive the LP tokens on your wallet!

The farming, finally

Go to the Farming section of TON Swap and click on the right icon next to the corresponding farming pool name.

Now’s the easiest part: input the amount of LP tokens you want to stake in the farming pool and confirm the transaction via Crystal Wallet. In a while, you will see that your share in this pool has changed.

To get back your staked liquidity, just follow these steps in reverse order.

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Tomorrow is the last day of yeild farming. The program will be suspended, but will be extended after some time. To withdraw liquidity from the pool, if you need it, you need to return your LP tokens to Metamask.
After updating Uniswap, it became necessary to transfer your liquidity from v2 to v3: go to Uniswap Interface, then click “Migrate v2 liquidity” and “Import it” on the page that opens. Choose WTON and USDT. After that you be able to manage your liquidity.