Trade Ton on exchanges like Binomo

Why can’t I trade Ton on exchanges like Binomo and the like?

What do you mean? Have you tried to know where TON tokens are listed?
Indeed, TON tokens are listed in a few places only so far. But it is growing, you will see in the future there are more exchanges. Anyway, why you think Binomo will be great as the place to list TON? I am not sure it will be good enough for TON tokens.


Binomo is scam. Pleas stop shill scam here.


binomo platform was not suitable for cryptocurrency coins, crypto community prefer commoin exchanges to trade their coin. and i think bring TON to binomo has not significant effect to its community developtment.

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There are several other (good) exchanges that are being negotiated for listing.

It is worth waiting for a listing on other cryptocurrency exchanges As long as you can use buy, sell here. I usually use a telegram bot, which is very suitable for me Chatex.

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Reason why is that Binomo isn’t cryptocurrency exchange. And if you check coinmarketcap, TON is trading with a record of $300k 24hrs trading volume.
Additional exchanges like Binance, Kucoin and the rest.
I hope to see this coin on of the biggest exchanges very soon

its good step for Free TON. we must do breakthrough in exchanges listing, there are alot in crypto market and listing on one of them should not be our problem.


Our Company is not a scam. It was founded in 2014. We are a reliable certified trading platform and also a member of the Financial Commission.

Specify, please, what exactly do you mean? What is the reason for your opinion?

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Binary options are a negative mathematical expectation instrument. Binary options are a fraud.

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