TON OS DApp Server Devops Contest [3.08.-3.09.2020]

TON OS DApp Server Devops Contest [3.08.-3.09.2020] SUBMISSION


Wallet address: 0:a2c66fbd01f0193c39127d1dd825e6d144d0581ca82a72a747d0af343b2c0b0b


We would like to have one template for TON DApps Server operation system. Motivation for this decision:

  • decrease time for image maintainership (maintain one template is much easy and require less time then maintain one template)
  • provide ability to run DApps Server locally for development propose (on workstation)
  • add possibility to run TON DApps Server in a bunch of clouds and providers
  • standartize upgrading and delivery of new version
  • have pre-installed image in universal format (OVF or OVA)


We believe that proposed project will help developers to increase development speed by providing easy steps to spin up local development environment with TON OS DApps Server.


We are a team of 2 DevOps professionals who are passionate about blockchain technologies and wanna bring value to FreeTON development. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions:




What a marvelous plan - to split one work in three submissions!
Well done, @Gofman and @sostrovskyi !

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it’s not true
each submission solve different problems and uses different toolsets

  1. Kubernetes based (helm charts, cluster installation)
  2. Ansible roles (remote management, monitoring, logging, alerts)
  3. Packger for VM images (OVF/OVA files)
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It’s arguable, of course, but this contest is about solving one problem - not multiple ones.
Submitting partial solutions as independent ones should be considered as cheating.

Which problem? One big green button?
This contest to create tooling. We did, for several proposals and use cases. You just don’t understand what are you talking about. Where you see cheating? Cheating it’s spending several weeks to develop tools? Debug and fix problems in initial repository? We works every day at night after normal working hours to create automation, describe all what we figured out to help other people. I am sorry but it’s annoying. Instead of hating others work I propose you to do better than we did and participate in contest.

Also want to mention, that we only people who spend a lot of time to debug and 100% ensure that DApp server works properly.
We met issues and report them directly to Artem Ryabov, in result two issues were fixed, one critical without which DApps server works only with read operations. Rnode never been synchronized.


Thanks for that. Good job.

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Who else did that? We participating in DePool contest also, but we manage to do several jobs in the same time. To be honest I also has been waiting for submissions even last contest hours. I really like competition but it’s not our fault that only few people from community were able to participate in this contest

Don’t freak out.

I don’t criticize your work - jury will do that, I’m voicing my doubts about decensy of your approach to submitting it.

Multiple submissions - are you compete with yourselves, guys? If not - why not one, well structured submission?

The fact that almost nobody participated in a contest doesn’t allow one who did to demand all the rewards for him-/herself.

This is my humble opinion.

I will repeat one more time:
There are completely different projects. They uses completely different tools and cover completely different use-cases. One big green button doesn’t exist.

First of all I am not one. And second one: anybody can create multiple wallets, multiple forum accounts or use one and got all prices if his work are the best, because it’s not prohibited and no one can’t prohibit that.

My opinion completely different. Thank you for sharing your

In that case, how do you expect the jury to compare and rate them? Completely different things, like you describe them, are intrinsically incomparable.

It’s nice you know (and share) how to game the system.
This time your attempt is too evident, though.

we didn’t try to hide anything

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It’s your thoughts, lucky we have 47 more

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