TON México Subgovernance

TON México Subgovernance


This Subgovernance is an implementation of the TON Mexico Memorandum. Further development of TON Mexico rests on the shoulders of the initial and community members.


This document is based on the Free TON Mexico Community Development Program. See TON Mexico Memorandum

Free TON Community benefits

TON will be presented in Mexico, then in Central America. Mexican Community engagement in TON ecosystem.

TON Mexico Initial Members

Initial TON Mexico participants that will set the stage for the TON Mexico development

Names Telegram Handle Background
Hector Hermano @h_h_c 1 Entrepreneur 5+ years.
Miguel Mendoza @miguelmdx PR manager. Article reviewer
Esther Giron @marshmello_girl Schoolteacher. Translator.
Meru @meruano Developer. C++ & JS
Mateo Caro @mateolaman HR manager. Translator
Valerio Doze @valeriomendoz Banco Regional de Monterrey. Bank administrator
Marsel Aresso @maaaaarss Developer. Telmex Engineer.
Alejandro @mxlover Developer. TON enthusiast.
Huan Caruso @huannan Santander Mexico. Bank clerk. Supporter.

Free TON Mexico Remuneration. Stage 1

To achieve full decentralization and popularize Free TON’s ideas in Mexico

Period of 3 months:

Community Development 100,000
Translations 50,000
Web Development 50,000
Mexican Jurors & Advisors 25,000
Partnerships 50,000
Social media & PR campaigns in Mexico 100,000
Free TON Academy 25,000
Free TON Mexico Animal Charity Fund 30,000
Fund of ideas 120,000
Total TONs 550,000

Stage 2. Produced remarks. In case of achievement of the goals within 3 months, the amount for the realization of the remaining points from the Memorandum of Free TON Development in Central America.

Free TON Mexico Community Development Program for the next 3 months. Stage 1

Each month includes a free form report on the work done by the TON Mexico community.

Token Remuneration for 1st month up-front

Usage Description TONS
Fund of Ideas Community ideas implementation - Engaging trackers and selecting, exploring a potential idea - Implementation of 3 ideas (projects) within the framework of the fund that can improve the Free TON ecosystem in Mexico. 120,000
Community contest Launch of contests proposed by the TON Mexico Community - Contest promotion in on the other resources 80,000
Translation contests Translations of articles and news - Creation of Media TON Mexico. 50,000
Web development contest TON wallet for the Mexican community - Payments for services using TON Crystal automatically - Bots for social networks (helpers) for the community - Development of design prototypes and design itself for web projects 50,000
Total 300,000

Token Remuneration for 2nd month KPI

Usage Description TONS
Social media & PR contests in Mexico Marketing research in social networks - Situational marketing under the current realities of Mexico - Author’s awards - Infographics - New test formats, comics - Interviews 100,000
Community support Audience support - News - Reports - Updates - Activity in social networks - Chats 20,000
Free TON Mexico Academy Training users will be involved in the Academy - Video training for simple users to training developers how they can use Free TON - Introduction of useful cases and how to solve the problem by example - Online training courses from involved partners and communities that have expertise - Partner cases to understand by examples - Text instructions - Introduction of question and answer section - Involvement of experts 25,000
Total 145,000

Token Remuneration for 3rd month KPI

Usage Description TONS
Partnerships Searching for local potential partners - Integration - Cases on the users that can help Free TON Mexico and the partner involved 50,000
Advisors & Jurors Juror Codex contest implementation - Advisor Codex contest implementation - Mexican advisors attraction 25,000
TON Animal Charity Support for 3 Animal Shelters in Mexico - Running an animal rescue campaign on Twitter - Support for the endangered Mexican agouti 30,000
Total 105,000

Stage 2

This stage is to cover all Central America countries. Can be achieved only via Stage 1 passing. See TON Mexico Memorandum.

Qualifiers public duties contests

Following the launch of this subgovernance, the Mexican community launches two contests to find a jury among the Free TON community:

  • 5 secondary members

  • 10 juror members


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or entities.




¡Perfecto! ¡Buena suerte!


Following the success of the South Korean sub governance, it’s great to see the second one coming through! Mexico welcome! Hoping that this would create a real stronghold for Free TON in Central America!

  1. There should be at least at least 5+ secondary members from the global community, followed immediately by a jury contest for at least 10 new jurors (besides initial members) from the global community.

  2. I think a little bit of specifics and report-based KPIs, say for instance on a monthly basis couldn’t hurt. Overall I think this is one of the better sub-gov proposals at the moment. It just needs a little more insight into the how and when and accountability against tokens. Say a reporting structure. Very simple, nothing fancy. The 550K gets distributed not all at once but 1 month up front, justified by a progress report (analytics with details and actual value figures) thereafter, and then the next amount is sent.

In other words, specify what amount of tokens are needed not just over 3 months, but what will happen during month 1, then month 2, then month 3. Each of those months receives tokens after progress/value is delivered.

And then the same for the following 3 months thereafter, etc.

P.S. Short and simple is fine. Just so there is a report with results that everyone can see and confirm – confirm being the operative word.


Hola, Free TON! :rocket::rocket::rocket: Mexican Sub Governance updated in accordance with the partnership guide Free TON Partnering Guide


Feedback answer

TON Mexico value. In terms of value, we want to working this direction. Our team is small and there are not many community members. That is why we wanted to launch contests to draw people’s attention to the project.

Translations. We described it in a Memorandum that we want to make a news site for Mexico, then cover all of Central America. A lot of information is written in English, which not everyone can understand.

This feedback is very useful! Here is a Memorandum link:muscle::+1:




Existe algún seguimiento a este proyecto de Gobernanza en México?
Entro a la página de TON Mexico y parece seguir en desarrollo, al hacer clic en cualquier enlace me manda al inicio de la misma. Llegué a este foro gracias a qué sigo a Cointelegraph en Telegram y han publicado varias notas de TON, hize mi propia investigación y llegué hasta aquí.
Creo que se deben aprovechar más las redes sociales y campañas de recompensas para atraer a más usuarios Mexicanos y de Habla Hispana. Dentro del mismo foro no existen publicaciones que busquen captar la atención de los usuarios Mexicanos ni de Habla Hispana.
Espero que esta comunidad pueda crecer muy Pronto :shamrock::v::mexico:

PD: Porque el articulo esta escrito en Ingles? Los usuarios rusos escriben su contenido en Ruso, no seria mejor traducir el contenido para los usuarios Mexicanos?

What has happened since you agreed to return the remaining funds to the giver? Any progress you’ve made so far?