improvements proposal

As far more and more curious visitors are visiting the, a good sense of decentralization would be if we could give a visualization of Nodes and shards/per network ( i mean geolocation, masked ip address, operating system, uptime etc.).

Also a representation chart of TPS/BLOCKS per consensus round, where peaks are visible end emphasized.


I think that @Stanislav has such information. Better to ask him.

Another point that, do we really need it on is a good place to explore information in the TON blockchain. What you are talking about is linking some off-chain information like IPs with on-chain information like wallet addresses. It’s actually not a trivial task though I’m not saying it’s impossible. Not in the nearest roadmap.

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We are insist and promoting as we have to do, that FreeTON it is the only protocol globally with the maximum capacity , velocity and decentralization. There are only 2 ways to prove it. Either by running & publishing stress tests online with neutral participants or by visualizing your main net with graphs and charts on real time. Information where are geolocated the nodes or how is the current average tps/mps production of each consensus round are not off-chain info, is fundamental elements and KPIs of the network itself.

I am attaching here some examples :