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As you can see, there are some local groups in Telegram for supporting Free TON project such as local groups for Spain, France, China, Korea, Italia till now. But, there is no group for Iran yet. I am here to propose launching an Iranian community for Free TON on Telegram. As it is reported, many of Iranian people use Telegram daily. In proposed group, users can share news and announcements. Moreover, they can speak with others about Free TON project. On the other hand, Free TON is an intereseting leading project in Blockchain industry with a geat perspective. I hope we can establish a great Free TON community for Iranian users on Telegram.

Proposal for Group Name: @TON_IRR


Please do create one and share. I am sure everybody will support it.


سلام،انجمن مخصوص کاربران ایرانی رو ادمین های گروه اصلی درست کردن و‌توی پست اصلی معرفی گروه ، لیست شده
آدرس گروه تلگرام رسمی کشورهای مختلف از جمله ایران.
خیلی خوشحال میشیم با همکاری شما این انجمن رو قوی تر و پر بارتر کنیم.


با تشکر از شما ، به Free TON خوش آمدید


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