TON Dice β€” first gambling on Free TON

To play, you need to install a plugin in Google Chrome. extraTON. Bets go on contract:


The game starts by default in demo mode. You can test game without paying a single gram.


  • Choose a number from 5 to 98
  • Set bet
  • Press the PLAY button
  • Roll number from 0 to 99
  • If the number is greater or equal, you win, if less, then you lost
  • The higher the number - the higher the winning amount, but the lower the chance


  • Bet 1πŸ’Žβ€” 100πŸ’Ž
  • Multiply Γ—1.0368 β€” Γ—49.2500


  • Improved interfaces
  • Bet history
  • Generation of TIP-3 fungible tokens and staking
  • Complete rework of graphics
  • Drop of unique TIP-3 items and exchange
  • Help in improving integration with extraTON. For example, we are looking forward to micro payments without confirmation by user

At the moment, one bet takes 15 - 30 seconds. This is due to the current technical features of the blockchain, but TON Labs devs promise to improve this parameter in the future.

1000πŸ’Ž will be raffle between first 500 players. Subscribe.


I have experienced this game demo. It’s a project to deceive the community ton. I don’t agree.

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Some description? Or hysterics only? I played live and the specified probability +- coincides.

You may have found a bug in the demo that we fixed in the first 15 minutes after publication. But in blockchain all works fine. Just need time to write parser for transactions. After this every one can check all bets.

Super project :fire::fire::fire: first working game!

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Good adding for our community,respect :smirk::+1:

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I am satisfied with the high chance of winning. It’s more fun and interesting than regular odd games. It’s a blockchain-based game, so I don’t think there will be any manipulation. Thank you for your hard work in developing good items so that they can be accessible to the public.

I think it’ll be more popular if we make a Ton-based boatwing game. For example, EOS-based boat wing game.