TON-Charity fund (TON-c) and TON UNIVERSE

TON-Charity fund (TON-c) and TON UNIVERSE


There is a group of people who want to actively participate in the life of the project, but in view of their main specialties, they cannot bring something new in the contests. However, following the life of the project and wanting to improve it, they can give the most valuable that they have, this is an intellectual product / activity.

This idea truly fits the conception of Decentralized Supporting (DeSup), as any member of the community can take up any role, from manager to contestant. The foundation is based on community donation. This mechanism of the fund will be becoming more self-sufficient with the growth of our community. Mainly, the philosophy that in the future this fund will be sponsored by the community to support worthy community members.

● Reward scheme:

The fund will be sponsored initially by governorship, afterwards only by community members who desire to praise other active community members.

The fund will be based on smart-contract each participant can donate and take its some of money.

In order to prevent the collapse of the fund, participants will be able to take their tokens only after the end of the current contest cycle.

Each contest cycle will last one month. At the end of the month contestants submit their achievements.

There will be two branches for awards. The first one will be a contribution to the TON-community in any form. The second one worthy proposals, giving rise to new contests, products etc.

Reward calculation will depend on the bracket and current TON exchange rate. (For example, the award for the first bracket will fluctuate from 1-100 TON (With current exchange rate 1 TON – 1 $). The award for the second bracket will be calculated as 5% from the prize pool of the contest, based on its proposal or according the second graduating scale.

The number of winners will correlate with the whole fund sum each cycle.

Reward payout will be realized same as contests with submission button, and with subsequent charging per TON wallet.

The jury will consist of all community members, they will be able to vote on the certain forum bracket. Their voice will give 1 point.

The cost of the members of the fund will be 2 points (they are privileged as sponsors).

The management of the fund will uptake 5% of the fund sum every month. The amount to enter the fund and become a privileged member will start with 1000 TONs. The management duty will be to sustain the fund with enough sum, by finding and inviting new investors; correcting the awards according to exchange rate.

Self-sufficiency of the fund and its budget will be realized the same as staking process, based on depool contract. Sponsors who send TONs to our fund will monthly get only 50% reward of validator remuneration. Another 50% part will form the prize pool (80%) and management fee (20%). For example: the fund sum is 500,000 TONs. Monthly validator remuneration is 2% = 10,000 TONs. 5000 reward for sponsors (50%), 4000 TONs for DeSup reward, 1000 TONs (include management fee and etc).

Stakes can be withdrawn only at the end of each month with an agreement at the beginning of the month.

Management will be composed of the founders of the idea and the most influential persons in the community (who will be elected by a vote in the forum or somewhere else). The duration of being in the board is 6 months, then re-vote (except the original founders of the fund).

Motivation for sponsors: to encourage those ideas that, in their opinion, will lead to the correct development of the coin plus the opportunity to direct the development course of the community a little. Besides, slight margin from staking.

Initial members and sponsors are eligible to participate in contests but not to vote for themselves.

To control the fund, the community will create a separate forum category. There will be reports every month. The evaluation criteria will be posted on it. All voting will be open. Each registered person will be able to put a vote for the award of a particular work.

Each criterion will be established by voting. Each action will be categorized by difficulty by voting.

The fund’s activities will be as open as possible.

● Framework for rewards levels there:

Certain achievements will be elaborated for the first bracket award. For instance, the post on reddit got 100 upvotes and discussed by its community, the author could submit and insist on good advertising of TON. Or another example of active support to newcomers in the chats for their quicker adaptation will bring the user 10 TONs. Or according to the first grading scale.

The second bracket award: the proposal of the plugin to convert TONs into fiat currency immediately on AliExpress, it evolved into a contest with the prize pool 40000, 5% FROM 40,000 = 2,000, the author gets its praise as an idea-creator or according to the grading scale for second branch.

Grading scale for the first branch:

average score / difficulty 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0-3,99 0 5 10 15 20 30 40
4-4,99 5 10 20 25 25 35 50
5-5,99 10 15 30 35 35 45 60
6-6,99 15 20 40 45 50 55 70
7-7,99 20 30 50 55 60 65 80
8-8,99 25 40 60 65 70 75 90
9-9,99 35 45 70 75 80 85 100
10 40 50 80 85 90 95 110

Grading scale for the second branch:

average score / difficulty 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0-3,99 50 250 300 450 500 550 650
4-4,99 100 300 350 500 550 600 700
5-5,99 150 400 450 550 600 650 750
6-6,99 200 450 500 600 650 700 800
7-7,99 300 500 550 650 700 750 850
8-8,99 400 550 600 700 750 800 900
9-9,99 500 600 650 750 800 850 950
10 600 700 750 800 850 900 1000

In general, the rewards and the nominations each cycle can be changed by vote, by needs of community and preferences of sponsors. Nonetheless the fixed amount and directions of nominations will be elaborated.

A roadmap of launching the fund:

Step 1. Organization process

The icon and the name of the fund selection. TON-compliment Fund (The shorter form will be TON-c Fund). The icon of the fund is stretched-out hand with palm giving TON Crystal.

New category on the forum should be opened, with its own topics. I see there next topics pinned to the top:

  • About The TON-compliment Fund
    - FAQ
  • Monthly submission form
  • Nominations & Achievements
  • Proposals
  • Off Topic

Voting period. At the early beginning in general everything will be selected by voting on forum (managers, achievements, nominations, criteria, submissions forms, rules for participants, difficulties gradation). Briefly, the whole mechanism will be polished with the community help.

The proper validator selection with high assurance.

Fundraising. Two scenarios. Accelerated and artificial with governorship’s support and contribution. The natural growth of the fund attracting investors, the community members (disadvantage – at the start prizes will be relatively low)

Step 2. Three testing cycles and work on mistakes.

Step 3. Aggressive advertisement and integration in the mass. Almost all decartelized prizes will be given by the fund.

Perhaps the fund can be integrated in TON products, Surf-browser or something else, to facilitate the usability and make it more friendly for newcomers.

Step 4. The example of the fund inspires others to establish their own one. The true decentralization starts here.

To launch and apprehend how to manage this system perfectly will take approximately half a year. Everything referring to numbers and sums is given as an example and will be corrected and recounted during The Step 2.

(first fund project)

The idea of creating a hero/character without a deep and thoroughly elaborated background seems to be less winning, as in long perspective it is more beneficial to make the community be able to live in the universe suggested below, to develop it on their own, to add their own features and characters and keep this universe dynamic as the community and the TON technology do.

Henceforth, there is next proposal to create the Ton universe, which will lead anyone into the technological world, explaining bases, showing explicitly the usability the technology through gripping plots. Furthermore, comics will in a broad form devote the reader to all information and technological subtleties. The main character or characters will conduct the newcomers or just interested in our “Matrix world”.

Moreover, our any chain, block or any technological stuff can be interpreted anthropomorphically like live versions of various components. (In the anime series “Cells at Work”, the cells of the human body (erythrocytes, leukocytes) were humans). The same could be done not with the human body, but with TON technology, to explain pinpoint precisely whatever is necessary. Also, adapting people through comics will definitely erase the fear the crowd of this new and revolutionary technology.

Bullet points:

To create the universe with its representers of the technology;

To explain natively and precisely the usage of abstract anthropomorphic form is crucial

At the early beginning the plots and scenes should provide fellows explanation of technological aspects and its usability

Philosophy: behind such a virtual character could do and match any tasks. But in particular it should change the perception of blockchain technology in mass consciousness of being used only for creating coins, excluding data exchange, data storage, uncompromised protectiveness and etc. Gaining its media popularity, it will undoubtedly eradicate fear of using technology from unadvanced group of people. Furthermore, comics can create an extra point of attraction provoking hectic discussions in the community and creating extra amusement, by that making for non-programming members of TON community to take part in its life directly. To conclude, the newcomers not strong enough in IT-technologies possibly can get some equivalent to their contribution award, generating extra bonds with them and increasing the interest in the project.

Community Governance: the main role of community will be to create decentralized (if it will be necessary or without a special comics team) new comics to accelerate the learning and acquaintance with TON and evoke further interest. In addition to this the whole fantasy TON universe can be created by the community with suggested only character – PRO… Not only this will lure the youth and middle age people, but also slightly change the point of view on blockchains technology as something difficult for the IT caste. Participants will be able in future to fix their characters with their wallet address and being their authors, they could sell rights for using them. Another use case is community will be able to vote for the best continuation of the main storyline thereby controlling the TON universe and releasing full-length comic books.

Technology Roadmap : characters of comics could be used for announcing some contests, events, for example they could have their social accounts, write blogs, become very recognizable and increase the popularity of technology in general. In app integration is also acceptable and fits well as an assistant (with an image, of course). Participation in various advertisements on the Internet and other media. Creation of an account / blog / channel on behalf of the character. In the future, the community votes for what this character will be in character, so in connection with its elaboration, it is possible to use the character in other areas: creating music, some content on YouTube, conducting podcasts, etc. Upon the release of a sufficient number of issues and sufficient popularity, it is possible to create a free animated series, merch: T-shirts and other stuff with prints of characters, symbols (TON, Pro), individual scenes from the comic book.

To implement the whole idea next team has to be assembled:

  1. TonCropoton (initial member)
  2. Validator
  3. Web-designer
  4. Graphic designer
  5. Initial manager
  6. Initial manager
  7. Initial manager
  8. Initial manager
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