TON BRAINS Giveaway to FreeTON!

Hello Community!

It’s has been a year since Telegram decided to stop TON blockchain projects. We would like to Giveaway to the FreeTON community a free source code to power your own TON network with one simple click.

It’s could a good starting point for developers who want to learn more about TON and run deep tests to explore the uniqueness of the TON blockchain.

Every few weeks we will publish some source code with instructions to our GitHub TON BRAINS | Crypto Asset Management Operating System · GitHub Please follow.

We wish FreeTON Community all the best.

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Seems like a spam.

Or please explain how your project is related to Free TON.

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Idea - 0.1% of success
Source code only - 1% of success
Validators. workable network, support, updates- 10% of success
Marketing, user cases, users base - 80% of success

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Are you serious :rofl::rofl::rofl:?? Everyone know that tonbrains is neudachnii … enota​:joy:

Есди документация и видео документация будет, вполне может заинтересовать.
Только я не понимаю зачем историю обновлений удалили, я хочу увидеть какие изменения вы сделали в коде.