Token Distribution

Hello! I would like to discuss the concept of coin distribution.

At the moment, I am observing disastrous ideas for Free TON. For example, you offer to give 15% of the entire offer for nothing.

Current developers did not create the whole TON from scratch, and validators already have the necessary equipment. If you rely on the cost of TON Crystal at least $1, then you should not give out such crazy money ($200,000) for maintaining a validator that now objectively costs nothing.

The remaining 85% you offer to give away for the simplest ideas. It is foolish to believe that people will support the network when they received 30,000 tokens for no reason. As soon as the cost of the token goes for $0.5, the entire crypto community will see an incredible rally down. This will definitely bury the reputation of the original TON, and it’s not for this reason that we gathered around this project.

I propose to give TON Crystal for burning any cryptocurrency by creating the so-called “eater” [1] addresses and sending coins to them.

All you need to do is to generate special eater addresses for each user on this forum and / or Telegram user. Consider the last example in a few steps.

  1. The user locally generates his wallet and receives the address

  2. The user goes to a special Telegram bot and sends his address there.

  3. The bot *generates and sends its eater address. The user sends cryptocurrency to this address.

  4. In another process, the daemon monitors all transactions with such a template in the blockchain of any cryptocurrency using the API and the simplest regular expressions.

  5. When such address is detected, in automatic mode, N tokens are sent to the Free TON user-attached address (depends on the amount and type of burned coin)

*It is not difficult to create it using, for example, Base58 in Bitcoin. Take me as an example. My Telegram ID is 334017299.

My eater Address (Bitcoin):

(Checksum is not valid, just example)

It’s impossible to find a user using the Telegram ID, but instead of the ID, the server itself can generate a unique one so that it is impossible to find the buyer in groups. Using a hash is dangerous due to collisions.

I see this as the only correct way to distribute coins. The developers are respected, however, they can’t even talk about any 10% (500,000,000), a maximum of 1% (50,000,000).

Validators also should not receive tokens for nothing. Free only in the testnet, in other cases this is not normal. Let them burn along with others.

I would very much like the prosperity of Free TON, but with a similar token distribution system, everything looks either as a naive joke, or as a way to cash in on a hype. Still, I believe in the first more.


Btw sorry for my english.

[1] Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH


It was discussed many times on the live streams. You would add it to the Airdrop Mechanics in next time. Re-make your proposal add more criteria, etc.