Thoughts on how to strengthen global governance (and the whole network) from Alexander Filatov

Ну что Господин Филатов, мы с Вами!


Better late than never.

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Is I catch it right - You would like to select 8 less active initials and rotate they voting keys to 8 new members?

How many initials at all?

Greetings. I express my gratitude for such an proposal. Great idea to support those people.


I would recommend to add PokerTON

It is possible for 4 years under the terms of rust cups

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не надо смешивать партнеров и инишилов, есть глобальные вещи, а есть локальные.

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На 100% поддерживаю. Каждый разумный человек должен быть уверен в росте, стремиться к росту и быть частью этого! Мы с Вами !

I support it 100%. Every reasonable person should be confident in growth, strive for growth and be a part of it! We are with you!

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Alternatively, freeze for one year + monthly defrosting in equal parts for the second year. In order not to get a strong strait in exactly one year and to preserve the combat potential of the participants for the second year.

Let’s add more participants. 8+8
You can take the most active (patriotic) guys from the community. (add via a contest) Let all active users provide a PDF file. Maybe even with a smaller reward, for example, 100k per hold.


Everything will work out! I support, it’s high time!

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Great words! Finally, the growth stage that Free TON needs so much!
But a million frozen crystals … A stimulant for further work? Isn’t that a lot? (just a question). :sunglasses:

Отличные слова! Наконец-то ознаменована стадия роста, которая так нужна Free TON! Но миллион замороженных кристаллов… Стимулятор для дальнейшей работы? Не много ли это? (просто вопрос) :sunglasses:


Dear @BullishOnFreeTON, could you comment on your opinion about the responsibility of the Inishal members for the decisions made? For example, a striking example of this is Cointelegraph (it is not the only one), when millions of crystals were spent as much as possible with low efficiency? Should there be responsibility for the decisions made?

Уважаемый Александр, не могли бы Вы прокомментировать Ваше мнение на счет ответственности Инишал мемберов за принятые решения? Например, яркий пример тому Коинтелеграф (он не единственный), когда миллионы кристаллов были потрачены максимально с малой результативностью? Должна ли быть ответственность за принятые решения?


Правильный шаг, думаю, там мы ускоримся. Правильный состав и эффективный менеджмент - сейчас самое необходимое


Blocking till the end of the phase is the right thing. Shift from less contributing members to more contributing is the logical next step. So I fully support Alexander in his initiative.


Very strong move Alexander, respect! Cheers and support for this proposal from Radiance Team!


I rarely agree with something 100%. But here I am giving 1000% support.

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Great point on the foundation phase: now that all the core technical specs have been completed and proven. That should put any dispute beyond doubts.

Growth phase: would need to start seeding more practical POCs to find means and ways to integrate with the real world. (Instead of dishing out crazy amounts of “free TON crystals” on self fulfilling contests so that someone can have a piece of the pie)

A local - regional - global network effect would be critical to expand the reach of Free TON blockchain. A lock-in or a vesting period for all recipients of any form of contest and partnership proposals would need to be implemented, not just on the global network leaders.

The final sustainable development phase would require the sub-governance to self sustain and start contributing to parts of the TIPs that the team has been working on.

Let’s hope with a bounty + lock-in period, the potential global leaders would be able to built their respective free TON networks (with practical use cases and not just crypto traders) locally and regionally.


Hi all,

For sure, changing the governance system is a must to get to the next phase.
So, it is worth trying.

I do not believe in the effectiveness of the decision to distribute tokens.

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Это хорошо! Позицию свою будете обосновывать или играешь в верю не верю?