The new concept of the Token distribution


The following idea was stormy discussed in tg-chat.
A feeling that the system is overrun by tokens and depreciating

The falling valuabillity Ton-crystals due to not perfect distribution mechanic.
To main directions should be redeveloped.

  • The first one, is the ratio between prize pools and the quality of contests.

  • The next one is the amount and frequency of low-paid contests.

On the one hand community suggests to spare on creative contests, but increase their frequency. This should spread Tokens among different people and devalue themself.
On the other hand the prize pool for contests focused on improving and developing infrastructure of the TON-technology should be slightly increased, as far as the ideas realised during this contests make the application of TON in real life more convinient and useful, so the valuability won’t fluctuate sugnificantly.

The implementation:

The frequency of creative contests should equal to their prize-pool. For instance, once two week with prize pool from 100-1000 depending on the difficulty and participants resources.

Prizes for IT-contests should keep the same.


None of the aforementioned individuals are US citizens or part of US entities.

The procedure of choosing proper partners and their trustworthiness or their influence IS NOT DISCUSSED HERE.

  • For creative competition:
    From 500 to 2500 TON crystal 1-10 prizes.
    And those who took part but did not win 1st-10th place - receive 50 crystals.
    Those who take part for the first time are guaranteed to receive 10 crystals
  • For programmers:
    Previous prizes x10 times more