The First Sub-Governance in Japan proposal

Short description: 概要

Establishing the Sub-governance of Free TON Japan.
Free TON Japanのサブガバナンスを設立すること。

Type: カテゴリ


Motivation: 意義

The Free TON Japan Sub-Governance will be established to introduce, promote, and popularize Free TON in Japan and among Japanese speakers worldwide. This involves not only increasing the number of token holders and building a market presence for introducing and expanding use of the token. It also involves Japanese-language product support and sales activities in Japan with the aims of having Free TON understood by the community and expanding its developer base.
Free TON Japan サブガバナンスは、日本、または日本語圏でのFree TONの普及、導入を推進するために設立される。トークンの保有者拡大や導入普及のマーケットメークだけではなく、プロダクトの日本語対応や日本への誘致、FreeTONを理解し、開発できる技術者の拡大も目標とする。

The community development program of Free TON Japan - Free TON Japanのコミュニティ開発計画

The Free TON Japan Sub-Governance program sets out to cover the following categories.

1 Acquaintance regarding Sub-Governance and Community

2 Users with Free TON tools and services
Free TONのツールやサービスを利用するユーザー

3 Organizing conferences with experts and community partners.

4 Native advertising to increase awareness and promote Free TON in Japan and attract partners.
日本でのFree TONの認知度を高めて宣伝し、パートナーを引き付けるためのネイティブ広告。

5 Involving programmers to implement projects within the Free TON blockchain.
Free TONブロックチェーン内でプロジェクトを実施するためのプログラマーの参加。

6 Development and maintenance of tools and services to interact with Free TON partners.
Free TONパートナーと交流するためのツールとサービスの開発と維持。

7 Creating and maintaining a community representative of Free TON Japan on popular social networks to increase the audience and awareness of the project.
プロジェクトの認知度を高めるために、一般的なソーシャルネットワークで「Free TON Japan」のコミュニティ代表を作成・維持する。

8 Supporting projects that promote the development and popularization of Free TON.
Free TONの開発と普及を促進するプロジェクトを支援する。

9 Providing reports on the results of the work of the Sub-Governance.

10 Interaction with existing Sub-Governance.

11 Organization and running of contests.

12 Contact management for inquiries from the Japanese community.

KPIs: 達成目標

The following milestones are posted for achievement within the first three months. The first three months will primarily involve building infrastructure and frameworks necessary for the launch of the Sub-Governance. Our primary objective is to decide on the specific activities for development operations for developers and product sales for the specific goal of having the Free Ton product operating in the Japanese market within the next six months.
All activities will undergo the budgeting process upon the setting of the final budget. Subsequently, usage logs will also be disclosed as part of the accounting process, as part of efforts to create complete transparency in our activities.


Greatest challenge to resolve: creating a framework to allow for information gathering in Japanese - 特に解決したい課題「日本語で情報取得できる仕組み構築」

The following controversial challenges permeate the Japanese community. Our initial goal is to resolve these challenges in order to create an infrastructure for activities that facilitate the expansion of the community.

  • Members do not understand the characteristics of the technical infrastructure or what it specifically does.
  • Members do not know where to go to learn about the project.
  • Members cannot get information on the actions of other countries or Governances in Japanese, so they do not understand the overall direction of the project.

  • 技術基盤としてどのような特徴があるのか、何をやっているのかが分からない。
  • プロジェクトを知るためにどこを参照すればよいのかわからない。
  • 各国・各コミュニティ(Governance)の動きが日本語で得られないので、プロジェクト全体の動きがわからない。

In conjunction with creating a framework that allows for information gathering in Japanese, we also aim to create a framework that allows for Japanese-language information to be provided in English as well as other languages.

Quarterly KPI breakdown: 4半期ごとの達成目標

Detailed roadmap of Japan sub-governance and its financial projection

First quarter: From the beginning of April to the end of June - 最初の四半期:4月〜6月末

Sub-Governance admin scope

Obtain approval for Japan Sub-Governance planning.

  • Complete setting up the infrastructure setup for Sub-Governance and community activities in Japan. This includes the following domains of operation.
    • Wallet, Forum, Voting
    • Operation of each section
    • Determining and organizing each person in charge

Community marketing domain

  • Complete the infrastructure setup for FreeTON’s Japan community building activities.
    • Website for Japan Sub-Governance in Japanese
    • Social media in Japanese
    • Q&A infrastructure, Community News distribution infrastructure in Japanese
  • Community size KPI
    • Twitter: First 200 members

Annual targets: Twitter: 1,500 followers; Telegram: 1,000 participants.
また、1年間の目標でTwitter1,500人、Telegram 1,000人とする。


Tech community planning domain

  • Propose a community plan for engineers to do in the next Quarter and get approval for the plan.

Next Quarter:From the beginning of July to the end of September - その次の四半期: 7月〜9月末

Sub-Governance admin domain

  • Start FreeTON’s Grant program, which will be the bridge of FreeTON’s blockchain proposal to the global community.
  • Agree on a plan with Global-Governance for the next 6 months.

Community marketing domain

  • Community numbers
    • Twitter: 500 followers
    • Telegram (and Line@): 200 participants
    • Number of Wallet downloads: 1,000

Tech community planning domain

To be determined depending on the first quarter.

6-month overall budget : 6ヶ月の合計予算案

(Units: TonCrystals)

@1TonCrystal = 65 JPY 1st month 2nd month 3rd month 4th month 5th month 6th month 7th month
Total 467,331 0 103,231 69,169 82,731 49,392 97,085 65,723
Fixed cost_固定費 178,485 0 10,154 29,400 34,500 35,008 35,008 34,415
Variable cost_変動費 288,846 0 93,077 39,769 48,231 14,385 62,077 31,308

The budget is calculated based on the months where the actual payment occurs.

As unpaid amounts incurred by the end of one month have their payment executed in the next month, the budget shows up to 7 months of payment to show 6 months of actual budgetary payments.
Each payment is subject to the Sub-Governance’s approval process, and executed via the multi-signature wallet. Records are managed via the accounting sheet on which executed payments are recorded.

各支払いはSub Governanceの承認プロセスを経て、マルチシグネチャ・ウォレットを通じて実行されます。実行された支払いは会計シートで記録が管理されます。

The major tasks to be completed in each month are highlighted below.

1st month

2nd month

3rd month

4th month

5th month

6th month


The following active members will become:

1.Junya Yamamoto (@YAmAY)
Yama is a blockchain business specialist who invented & contributed to 10+ the world first Blockchain tech and business achievement since 2015.

Wallet Address:


2. イムンニョン
Occupation : Corporate big data consultant, absolute believer in TON

Wallet Address:

I am currently working as a trader and a video editor, and I will do my best to help FreeTON be used by many people in Japan.

Wallet Address:

4. Kazuyo Arai
I am currently working in the architectural design field, and I have a lot to learn about FreeTON yet. I have a lot to learn about FreeTON, and I would like to support you. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Wallet Address:

5.Junya Kato
He has been in the blockchain industry since 2018. Currently, he is mainly focusing on to distribute information about blockchain. He has strong connections to the blockchain community in Japan.

Wallet Address:

6.Kahoru Kojima
Working for an Insurance company.

Wallet Address:

7.Kanae Ito
I have almost no knowledge about this Free TON and blockchain yet. I still don’t understand most of it, but I hope that many people will use it by building a method that is easy to understand and accept, even for people like me who have no idea what Free TON is.
今回のこのFree TONやブロックチェーンの事はほぼ知識がありません。 今もほとんど理解できていませんが… 私の様にFree TONって何?という方々でもわかりやすい説明と受け入れやすい方法を構築して、多くの人に使って欲しいと思います。

Wallet Address:

and more!!


Absolute support, 100%




ありがとうございます!Thank you ! People in blockchain community in Japan like Free TON whenever we talked, I would like to accelerate expanding community and product in Japan with Sub-Gov members and community :slight_smile: :jp:

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Really nice.
Let’s make FreeTON famous in Japan!

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I would suggest to the community that first we ask a few best local SGs to report their achievements and costs. Next, the community analyzes those reports and if those best local SGs are really beneficial then new SGs are welcome.

Believe me, even some of the so-called best local SGs aren’t worth to continue.

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Be always in touch and publish news at least once a week about the Free Ton project in Japan

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Thank you for your advice! I think you are right and we do not want to make it a token or ghost SG.

Regarding the budget managed by the SG, we will set up a payment cycle and rule where the budget is secured based on the budget and plan, but the actual execution of the budget is based on the performance report of the person in charge and the evaluation of the governance to execute the payment. The goal is to reduce costs that do not contribute to the community.

And, definitely report of the activity and result from Japan SG will be there to all as well.

Thank you for your reply and suggestion! OK, Let me try that frequency firstly. I will set up stand up meeting with local SG which I usually do everyday for my project usually, but need to confirm frequency with governance members. Those information will be formed as a report and come to global governance and community.
One of the important thing we want to realize is being touch with other SG closely even we have language barrier!



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Please let me know if any question on this proposal and Japan market :slight_smile:

What exchanges do the Japanese prefer to trade on?


I was waiting for a Japanese SG, so… Welcome.

As a member who has been around Free TON for quite a bit, just wanted to give you some hints…

You have a detailed KPI but the requested budget seems a little bit high for me.
As you have mentioned in your proposal, 3 of your initial members have almost no knowledge about Free TON & blockchain. Having a basic knowledge about the project will help you a lot.

I know most of the people use Line for communication in Japan but since this project was originated from Telegram, we use it as the main tool for organizing the progress. Having a Telegram account for each of your initial members is necessary.

I guess an introduction or AMA session with your team would be a good idea.

God luck.

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Это лучший из лучших!

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Coincheck, GMO Coin, ZAIF, bitFlyer, bitbank. Japan has a very big crypto market.

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Yes, if Japanese want to exchange Crypto-JPY those exchanges. Crypto community is accessing to foreign CEX and DEX as well though still have language barriers!

We would love to fill the gap of understanding among crypto/blockchain community! Current supporters in Japan market for Sub-governance in Japan are people who is publishing detailed blockchain information and tech guys. I hope we access further tech and crypt market to do lobbying to Japan market to expand FreeTON & Ton Crystal.