The establishment of fund for active forumers and great mindsl(a new way to compliment and praise good proposals)

There is a group of people who want to actively participate in the life of the project, but in view of their main specialties, they cannot bring something new to the contests. However, following the life of the project and wanting to improve it, they can give the most valuable that they have, this is an intellectual product / activity.
The implementation that I see in the creation of a new fund for those who are actively involved in the life of the community, offers ideas that give rise to new projects / contests. I offer at the end of each month, in a contest format, people will receive rewards in 2 categories: Contribution to the life of the community, Quality proposals. For contributions to the community, there will be 5 equal prizes every month with a reward of 50 tones. For offering a high-quality idea, there will be 5 places with a bonus of 100 tones. Such relatively small rewards, due to the lack of token support, and the creation of a fund due to people’s altruism. The competition will be evaluated by the participants of the fund, first of all, but also by the community. Management fee 5%. Everyone is invited to start. An account will be created with a minimum entry amount of 1000 tones.

The idea is provoked by the deprivation of people who follow and participate in the life of the community. Make suggestions but remain uncompromising. This should open up a new opportunity for the distribution of tokens, as well as increase the generation of ideas and the activity of the life of the forum.


OK, I’m in. 1000 Crystals, from me personally.
Of course, your idea needs to be discussed and some more criterias described.

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We also can create a fund for rewarding monkeys hitting on keys of a typewritter expecting they will write a masterpiece someday :see_no_evil:

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You can :slight_smile:
If you wish. This topic is not a token request from the Governance, it’s a proposal for a community members. If you’re not interested, you may not react :wink:

you are absolutely right, forgive me my sarcasm :zipper_mouth_face: :slight_smile:

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I approve everything that leads the project forward

Yes! I completely agree with you and approve of this proposal :slight_smile:
Only I think that 50 TONS will be very little for such an offer of work on the forum per month…
For the award of 500 TON I agree and others will agree to fight :wink:

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