The esports organization is looking for a sponsor!

Hello ! we are the young CIS cybersport club!

we are looking for sponsors. if cooperation is interesting
let us know, we will agree)

at the moment we have three DOTA 2 rosters
And Apex Legends rosters

as well as planning other compositions by discipline, namely:
League of legends

We will be glad to any cooperation

we can also hold tournaments for any games, with Free Ton support!

What to get from us Free Ton?

  1. Advertising and Promotion Free ton
    2.We can hold any tournaments with broadcasts and commentators.
    3.Free Ton advertising in the CIS
    4.we want to see Free Ton as the main sponsors of our organization, and therefore we will do everything to make the CIS Community know about Free ton

We hope the FREE TON community will pay attention to us!

waiting for feedback, Excellent Era.
our email :

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Sounds interesting sometime in the future. We have no need for this now. We need use cases not advertising at the moment. Will talk again soon, for sure!

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That’s pretty perspective, but your organization is too young imo.

At Free TON, we have eSports sub-governance (team) which is responsible for cybersports partnerships and tournament organization.

We will be happy to see capable individuals in Organisation team.
We also seeking for middle/pro level players as well.

Lets discuss possible ways of participation / partnership for your team and Free TON project

Please contact with for details

Esports organizations continue to grow rapidly with the participation of large masses. Especially the young population’s interest has focused on this area. Providing effective advertisements to future generations will be an important move in terms of the continuity of projects. Agreements on reasonable grounds should be supported.

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Great guys, I advise you to cooperate with them. Don’t pass by!