The Crystal Game Updating

The Crystal Game Updating

  1. Thank you everyone for participating in this experiment. It is extremely valuable and important to the future health of the network. We appreciate your help very much! You can now stop your nodes🙅‍♂️
  2. Game networks are started now. We will notify you shortly about when and how to start syncing your nodes. Documentation on the new configs will be distributed as soon as possible.
  3. The Crystal Game will start tomorrow🗓 The time tables will be calculated and provided later today. Please stay tunes.
  4. Game tokens will be distributed in accordance with the following table calculations: The two least significant bits of your wallet address will represent the network each validator is assigned to💻

:heavy_multiplication_x:How is it calculated:

For example, if your wallet address ends in the number 4, in binary representation that spells one-zero-zero. The two least significant bits are zero-zero, which means you will be assigned to game 0. If your wallet ends in 7, in binary representation that is one-one-one. The 2 least significant bits are one-one. In decimal, this translates to the number 3, which means you are in game 3.

Validators can start synchronizing nodes now:

See instructions :point_right:

All 4 networks are up. Please don’t forget to use this table to find yourself and set-up the right network.