Telegram Fork with Integrated Cryptowallet (TIP/Airdrop Proposal)

The TON whitepaper talks about integrating a TON/gram wallet into the Telegram app. The benefits this would have provided to TON/gram are endless and significant, including promoting mass adoption/usage of TON. Unfortunately, this will no longer happen because Telegram had to separate/distance the company from TON (and Free TON is now completely separate from the Telegram company).

Given that Telegram is open source, why not fork it and integrate a Free TON wallet to make the original vision a reality? We could call it FreeGram, TONGram, TeleTON, Cryptogram, Switchboard or something similar. The Free TON community could maintain the code and apply important upgrades as they are added to the the official Telegram repo.

This would preserve many of the cool features and advantages that Durov and the Telegram team had envisioned for TON/gram. Also, “Cryptogram” could integrate faucet functionality that rewards users for (non-spammy/botlike) usage and promotion of the app (signup referral codes/bonuses etc.). Anti-faucet-scam features could also be build into it.


Step 1 - Fork Telegram, give it cool name, integrate a FreeTON wallet and other FreeTON/crypto/faucet/anti-scam features, and maintain it as a parallel project.

Step 2 - ???

Step 3 - Profit!


Telegram is not 100% open source.

I don’t think that is possible to fork telegram. But idea is great. To have own messaging system and TON integration.

There are several forks that already exist. Why not start with one of these?

Unclear idea. Re-make your proposal add more criteria, etc.