Team Free TON @ Pothole Rodeo

Pothole Rodeo is a low-budget car rally series. The goal for drivers is simple: buy a cheap car for a maximum of 500€ and then drive it across central and eastern Europe. I think it could be a good investment to compose and sponsor a team for either one or all of the 2021 rallyes, as there are many events along the line that we can use for promotion. Press will be there as well.

If we want to participate, there’s a few things we should discuss. Firstly, I think we should cover the car, the starting fee and the drivers’ expenses. The question is whether we want to pay drivers something on top of that.

Second question: What charity event should we plan for? In the series, teams typically raise money for a good cause in one way or another. The easiest method would be to allocate a generous budget and donate all the leftovers. We could plan for other fundraising events though.

Third question: Which route(s) should we aim for? There are four different rallyes.

  • Germany: June 15 - June 19, 2000 Kilometers.
  • Austria: June 15 - June 19, with stops in Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Germany.
  • Revolution: July 27 - August 07, 5500 Kilometers, 11 countries in Eastern Europe.
  • Original: Three starting dates in July and August, 4000 Kilometers, 11 countries across the Balkans.

Finally, we need drivers. I’d be interested in driving at least one of the routes, but we need at least two drivers per car, up to a maximum of seven. We can also register bikes with one driver each. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me on Telegram (@twkaiser) or leave a comment. Please discuss.

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