Supporters Contribution ! (Decentralized Support I)

I propose to start with simply supporting the benefit system and make it advances from time to time.

  1. Create a section (leaderboard) of supporters on
  2. Users would be able to submit the name of supporter who helped them to resolve an issue with a short description. (screenshot of conversation and etc) and why he thinks this person is valuable to the community.
  3. Based on submission the jury will create a voting mechanism one a month to vote for selected supporters.
  4. Supporters will have a chance to provide a speech to promote themselves and the community.
  5. Voting will define winners.

To avoid community hacks/bots/priority like people from china. All support topics should be completed in English. If you are helping the local community with their own language please write in the local language and then in English. All people should view and understand your valuable answer.

The support should be based on quality not quantity.


@mkhokhlov TON Angels :wink: People list with reputation etc.

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