Social Media Chartbuster Campaign


Contest: Renewable.

Contest Period

Begin: 25 February 2021 End: 15 March 2021


This contest aims to motivate existing members to be actively engaged with promoting Free TON in their social media circles and be rewarded in TONs.

Members will be required to swiftly respond to a social media call asking them to post an image provided by Free TON Africa to express and publicly display their enthusiasm to the Free TON brand and also use it as their profile picture everywhere they have an account on social media. The quickest, most effective and most efficient members will get rewarded for their enthusiastic efforts. (All within the Meritocratic Token Distribution Ideology).


First, to purely facilitate the acquisition of TON, and offering all joined up members an equal chance of possessing a piece of the Free TON ecosystem, so as to instill a sense of ownership when their position automatically changes from spectators to owners of TON. To change the perception of Free TON amongst many Africans from a 3rd person outsider view (that Free TON – that belongs to others) to a 1st person insider view (my Free TON – which I own a piece of).

Secondly, to start cultivating an emotional attachment and enthusiasm to the brand where TON holding members are able to push the envelope a bit further, so as to strengthen the Free TON brand (because they are in it heart, mind and soul, trust the brand, and can vouch for it), and also, to achieve many other hidden aspirations that any human would aspire to achieve after investing their faith, time, financial resources and all other efforts into building a project, amongst them financial success/freedom, diversity/expansion, fulfillment, brand takeovers, bragging rights, etc. Positive emotional attachment will guarantee some progress since members who own a piece of the Free TON ecosystem will be able to selfless help chart the way forward, support and positively criticize the efforts of the organizing team and will be keen on the deliberations being made because they have a personal stake in the brand and stand to benefit directly from the efforts and outcomes of the daily workings in the community.

Third to sufficiently create a localized pool of open, honest, welcoming, keen, eager, forward seeking, contented, committed, informed and collaborative group of lead users who are able to beforehand consume proposals, contests, programs and partnerships when they are being rolled out and can pull together with the organizing team to not only promote, grow and expand the Free TON ecosystem by social networking, but also by word of mouth.

And that view is also sufficiently captured in the Free TON catchphrase: For the good of free trade and digital open borders.

Content/Subject Matter

Free TON Africa will provide the content for participants to distribute through social media in an appropriate layout, format and design. That information will be posted in the Free TON Africa telegram group. Participants will not be required to create fresh content; edit or mutilate the information provided. The information to post will only be provided at the start of the campaign in JPEG or PDF format, so that anyone willing to take part has an equal opportunity to satisfy the terms and conditions of the contest.

There will be little or no need to change the content. Any person who posts changed or unauthorized material will be deemed to have contravened the rules of the campaign and they will attract an automatic disqualification from that particular contest.

General rules and campaign requirements

  1. This contest is open and accessible to Free TON members in the African continent who have joined all or some of the Free TON Africa social media channels namely: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Tiktok, etc.
  2. Look out for the Free TON Africa social media icon. The icon will have a speaker’s caption with a simple request, “I would like you to help me broadcast this image in social media. Please use it as your social media profile, and post everywhere, and I will pay you with some of my TON”
  3. Contestants should post the message at the earliest possible opportunity and in as many social media platforms as possible within the time frame given and also use the image as their social media profile.
  4. Participants must not edit, mutilate or change the meaning of the original message intended in the content. In case that happens, the member will be required to issue an explanation and rectify in the same media platform.
  5. All postings should be Free TON related and should not infringe on any existing copyrights or patents at the time of posting. The posted articles shall not bear any indications of sponsorship, commercial, advertising or anything that does not belong to Free TON or sanctioned by Free TON but can be tagged as is to other online events.

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions:

  1. Each social media post will be awarded a mark. Posting the same in different forums will also attract a mark for each post. Marks will be awarded for those who maintain the image prominently displayed or used as their profile picture.
  2. Special consideration for members who break the sky barrier and post in hard to reach geographical areas and new undiscovered social media platforms. The highest marks will be awarded for posts that become viral.
  3. No Marks will be awarded for a post or message not authorized by the organizers and captioned by the Free TON Africa social media icon.
  4. Marks will be deducted for a distorted or unclear post. Contestants who post an apology & repost the message correctly in their social media will be awarded a mark.
  5. All contestants will be required to fill a Google form detailing their Free TON Africa Telegram username. That username will be used by jurors to verify that the submission belongs to the person who submitted it.
  6. Contestants will then be required to paste all the links to posts they have made. The links for posts should be corresponding to the username that you provide so that jurors can establish a match. Marks may be lost if there is a mismatch.
  7. Any cheating or misrepresentation of facts in the Google form will attract an automatic disqualification.
  8. The campaign will only run for the duration specified starting from 00.00 hours on the 25/02/2021 and end on 15/03/2021 at 11.59 hours. Marks will be awarded according to the number of posts counted from the links provided in the Google doc between these two timelines. There will be no extension.
  9. Participants must submit their work correctly before the closing of the campaign on 15/03/2021 at 11.59. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count. All submissions must be accessible for the Jury to open and view. If the submission is not accessible, jurors should reject the submission.
  10. All participants will be required to provide a TON Surf Wallet address.

The Goals/Objectives/Benefits

  1. To expand awareness, familiarity and scope of the brand Free TON (Name and logo) in Africa and start cultivating an emotional attachment to the brand.
  2. To identify the most efficient channel, format, language and approach to employ when important information requires to be disseminated through social media.
  3. To actively engage, excite and inform Africans about forthcoming opportunities within the Free TON ecosystem as they are being released to the masses so that they can position themselves to fully benefit from the events, programs and partnerships.
  4. To create a better understanding of the Free TON ecosystem where members will try to interrogate the meaning of a message before they disburse it in the social media.


  1. The contest will only run for the duration specified and marks to be awarded according to the number of posts counted from the links provided. Winners must provide statistics in the provided Google docs for verification purposes.
  2. Jurors and members of Free TON Africa will be monitoring the Google doc and following up on the links from time to time during the duration of the contest to identify the front runners.
  3. Any form of cheating should necessitate a disqualification.

Contestants Reward:

The first 100 participants win 20 tons.

Jury rewards:

An amount equal to 50% of the sum total of all total tokens actually awarded will be distributed equally between all jurors who confirm links and provide feedback. Both confirmation and feedback are mandatory in order to collect the reward.

If the number of participants is less than the amount of prizes available, the excess prize awards are void.

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This is a nice proposal and I support the idea behind the promotion of Free TON among the African people through organic contents.

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