Small and Medium Enterprise Gamification Platform

About us:

Trio Smart LLC is being developed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in advertising, marketing, IT and processing services:

Pavel Yavorskiy, co-founder

For the last 5 years he worked for Visa, responsible for launching marketing campaigns for large and regional banks.

Nikolay Lushnikov, co-founder

For the last 5 years, he has been implementing gamification solutions for banks, large, medium and small retail companies.

Over the past 2 years, we have implemented gamification campaigns for Sberbank, VTB, Openbank, Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank, Alfa-Bank, X5, Foodmall Depo-Moscow, more than 30 small and medium-sized businesses, both in Russia and in the CIS countries.

Platform idea:

A client of a small, medium-sized enterprise (cafe, restaurant, beauty salon, car repair shop, etc.) is invited to play a free game through hung posters with a QR code while waiting for an order. A person enters the game from his mobile phone by pointing him at the proposed QR code. Plays. At the end of the game, he receives a message that he has won a prize - a discount on products at this point or in another nearby.

What problem do we solve for small and medium-sized businesses:

At the first stage of platform development:

Increasing the number of repeat purchases - by increasing customer loyalty and increasing the level of comfort in retail outlets, by providing visitors with games with gifts.

An increase in the average check is due to the game motivation for an additional purchase.

At the second stage of platform development:

Attracting new customers - through a single advertising company with traffic distribution among retail outlets connected to the platform and a cross-selling system.

Strengthening the effectiveness of achieving all of the above goals - by increasing the involvement in gaming promotions by adding valuable prizes to the prize pool.

Alternative and competing solutions:

Platform description and implementation status

Implemented (already used in outlets):

• Suppliers of prizes, free for the point of sale.

• Game mechanics in retail outlets (quiz, puzzles, casual games).

• CRM system of interaction with the buyer.

• Weekly reporting.

In the process of implementation:

Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to independently set up gaming promotions.

Real-time reporting.

Required investments and plans for the use of funds:
Stage 1.
What will be created:
Implementation of the administrative interface for small and medium-sized businesses and the implementation of the accrual of cryptocurrency as a prize for games in retail outlets connected to the platform.
Small and medium-sized businesses can independently set up gaming promotions and see the reports on the promotion in real time.
Encouraging buyers with cryptocurrency is possible.
Amount 25 000 crystal.

Stage 2.1.
What will be created:
Attracting SMEs to the platform in Moscow and St. Petersburg (salaries of 10 sales representatives during the first month).
60 enterprises in Moscow and 40 enterprises in St. Petersburg are connected.
Amount 30 000 crystal.

Stage 2.2.
What will be created:
Encouraging players with cryptocurrency in the amount of 1 unit for 3 months at 18,000 per month.
Over 90,000 people received cryptocurrency.
Amount 54 000 crystal.

Stage 3.1.
What will be created:
Conducting an advertising campaign in digital channels, with a budget of 25,000 per month for 3 months.
More than 300,000 people attracted to the gaming platform.
Amount 75 000 crystal.

Stage 3.2.
What will be created:
Encouraging players with cryptocurrency in the amount of 1 unit for 3 months at 18,000 per month.
Over 90,000 people received cryptocurrency.
Amount 54 000 crystal.

In total you will need more than 238,000 crystals
To attract more than 480,000 people. Within 3 months. Right?
You did not provide links to ready-made (existing) solutions and applications.
Community members need to better understand how your system will work. What benefits will this bring to Free TON, in addition to the distribution of :gem: crystals.


The amount of TON crystals needed for your proposal is less than the number of people who you will attract, its a good thing. I hope everything will work as you planned though am not sure if all those members would be attracted. Good luck.

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Hello! Yes that’s right. Thanks for the addition about examples, it will really be clearer with them.
To illustrate our experience:

  1. Game for SberBank:
  2. Vietnam amusement park games:
    Link to an example of games for SMEs:
  3. Quiz for ArtConcierge, helps to entertain service clients:
  4. Demo game wheel of fortune:

I am happy to see more projects and development that attract investors to these platforms because it will bring about a great technical revolution among people and lead them to more confidence in this project.

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Good afternoon! The network of supermarkets Bakhetle and Dobryanka is connected to the platform. Hurray !!!

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Doubtful project. The Partner doesn’t have an official website.
What integration and completed work reports will look like.

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Thanks Konstantin! Why do you think that the project is dubious, can you explain your doubts in a little more detail?

How can the Free TON community make sure that the crystals will be used for their intended purpose ?
Can you submit reports, statistics?

You ask for 238,000 crystals (believe me, I’m not sorry)
But, you need a real effect.

A customer (cafe, restaurant, beauty salon,car repair shop, etc.)
Scans the QR code on the poster
Registers your phone number and email
Plays games on the links above

These institutions receive

  1. Increase the number of repeat purchases
  2. Increase the average receipt
  3. Increase efficiency, engagement

Stage 1
What does it mean to implement the administrative interface to which platform?
Do You have this platform or do you need to develop it ?

Stage 2.1
Ten sales representatives to connect to the platform will go to the enterprises of Moscow and St. Petersburg .
Do I understand correctly ?

Stage 3.1
Conducting an advertising campaign in digital channels.
Which ones (social networks)?

Please make your offer more open and transparent.
LLC “Trio smart” - I didn’t get the right search on the Internet

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