Should this forum need a new UI DESIGN?

Last two-days i am using this forum. I also joined your bounty campaign. But i am facing some problem. I think lots of users also face this problem. Which is its Interface i think its soo simple but not well organised. We need a decorated design. Hopefully we will get it as soon as possible. In future this forum can achieve something great because it has some more opportunity than Bitcointalk forum it has its native crypto coin, own wallet. Hope you guys getting a new interface for us. Love you freeton team

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For my taste that is good enough. And someday we will move to another place - on-chain forum. See no reason for changes here.


Nope, i don`t think so


Thank you soo much for shareing your thought. It really appreciate us. Go ahead and enjoy your journey with freeton Forum

Thank you for shareing your opinion with us. Different people, different taste i appreciate Your thought.

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Ну если смотреть то для глаз он норм смотрится, так что мой вам совет чтобы так и оставили просто вот немного такое подключить чтобы было также ночной режим так бы было вообще круто, но это лично мои мысли а так все хорошо!