Request to extend Contest: Decentralized Promotion

Hi, please extend Contest: Decentralized Promotion

for several reasons.

  1. I personally made many efforts in creating content, advertised freeton, consciously went for tricks (reverse shilling) in chats of the largest exchanges. And I was able to post my work on the forum on time, but did not add submitted.

  2. ONLY 24 people are registered in this contest, but we can give a 30 prizes, although the forum has a lot more ideas. It is necessary to give people a chance to formalize and adequately perform in the competition.

  3. Promotion should not stop and many people are ready to continue to advertise FREETON.

Give everyone the opportunity and incentive. The community will thank you!



The promotion itself looks like a never-ending process. So we should run such contests regularly.

Why wouldn’t we create another contest : Decentralized Promotion II ?


Agree, that it should be a second part.


I fully agree with your suggestion to extend the contest. With 24 submissions, many entries have been left out.

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Поддерживаю просбу продления до конкурса, приложил много усилий для создание отдельно портала по ton-blockchain, но в самый ответственный момент гугл заблокировал доступ к почте, на которой находились данные хостинга.

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For me, I feel the promotion contest should be repeated often. I was interested in the first contest, but it ended too soon

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Has the team published the list of entries and winners so far

Not yet, waiting for it

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Yep, it would be repeated, so that you can participate

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New proposal for Part II is now online. You can support it by your comments to be accepted. Please find it below.

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Thank you very much @SkyAnn

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Sorry for my bad English. I support the request to extend the “Decentralized Promotion” contest.
I myself continue to promote Free TON on various IT resources. But I would like it to be in the framework of the competition. Examples of my promotion below (for Ukrainian-speaking potential users).

Поддерживаю запрос на продление конкурса “Децентрализованное продвижение”.
Сам продолжаю продвигать Free TON на различных IT-ресурсах. Но хотелось бы, чтобы это было в рамках конкурса. Вот как пример моего продвижения (для украиноязычных потенциальных пользователей):


Please wait for the Mainnet re-launch.