Report on the 1st Batch for the Chinese Subgov


This is what we have done for the first month of the Chinese Subgov operations:

1. Launched Sub-Governance with 17 active members:

  • developers (2)
  • content generation (4)
  • promotion (4)
  • admins (3)
  • design (2)
  • business PreSale, Integration and FreeTON Academy development (1)

2. Prepared initial infrastructure for China

  • Created Free TON website in Chinese:
  • Registered Free TON Wechat Public Account: ID - freetonchina
  • Created Free TON Weibo & Wechat groups
  • Translated 35 articles about Free TON into Chinese
  • Negotiated with China-Russian Blockchain Alliance for FreeTON Academy
  • Negotiated about free-space office for FreeTON Academy team (Suzhou or SH)

3. Launched Chinese New Year Promo Campaign

  • Developed Telegram Red Envelope Bot
  • Launched Red Envelope Airdrop Campaign in Telegram
  • For 1 week the user-base of China Telegram group (Telegram: Contact @freeton_china) increased from 280 to 4000+ (by 14x)
  • Wechat group increased from 40 to 170 (by 4x)

Conclusion: we made an experiment in China and it proved to be successful. Free TON will indeed have great interest in China and the potential opportunities for massive education (teenagers, students, millenial gen) !


  1. is inaccessible for Chinese users due to Great Firewall

  2. TON Surf cannot be used in China (Firewall, Appstores, language, interface)

  3. Extraton has no mobile version. Mobile users in China – over 60%

  4. Free TON is not listed on any of the Chinese exchanges


To retain the Chinese users who joined us during the Chinese New Year Campaign, we need to complete all the Free TON infrastructure for China to make it more user-friendly for the Chinese users.

Our plans:

  1. Proposal for the development Chinese localization of TON Surf

  2. Contest to Integrate voting mechanism into the Chinese website

  3. Partnerships with the Chinese exchanges (Hotcoin, MXC, etc) and Huobi/OKex

  4. Gather the first Depool in China

  5. Prepare original manuals, presentations and articles about Free TON in Chinese

  6. Promotion campaigns, Lantern Festival (元宵节), Wechat Promos

  7. Contests for the White Paper translation, best Chinese dapps on Free TON contests, etc

  8. Create non-profit FreeTON Academy in China with support all FreeTON activities, projects, promo, hackathons and education programs


In order to accelerate our efforts for Free TON adoption in China, we need to deploy the 2nd & the 3rd batch requested initially, namely: 400,000 TONs.

Hope to get affirmation.Thanks!!

How many bots are there in the group?

China is big indeed, however don’t see any activity in the group, only admin`s posts

other bots! there is no real development of the community

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