ReflexToken & Free TON Partnership Proposal

Reflex Token (RFX) is an Ethereum token who wants to completely revolutionize the world of online social media.

Everything people posts on the internet has a monetary value and we want to share it with them.
With Reflex people can earn RFX simply by doing what they’ve been doing for years on the varius social media, with the difference that wit ìh us they can now earn for the views and followers they reach.

The best product of Reflex at the moment is the Mobile Cloud Mining, where people can mine RFX from their smartphones without consuming energy, with a total of 200,000 downloads and +60,000 active users Reflex Cloud Mining is growing day by day with +25,000 downloads / month.

All info and details about us:

Sponsorship Proposal

Step 1. Article on our News website with all the relevant information about the amazing Free TON idea.

Step 2. Share the article on all our social pages.

Step 3. Banner advertising in our main app “Reflex Cloud Mining” for 1 month.

Step 4. Push notification sent to all our mobile users.

Token Request

Step 1. 1k tokens in advance + 2k tokens after completion

Step 2. 1k tokens after completion

Step 3. 1k tokens in advance + 2k tokens after completion

Step 4. 2k tokens after completion


Andrea De Cicco, CEO @ ReflexToken

Proposal wallet: 0:162ca495bcb11912bcea608fc6ea91cd7b4d334a453f82ef9872de4c845d814e

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To make a decision on your (marketing) offer. We need more information about you and your company. Can you give more links to team profiles, news portals, and forums?

Verification of the partner request is made via the Twitter account specified on the site

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Already answered on Twitter.
We are available anytime for more information to our official email address:

Telegram chat and channel are normal, 5-10k views. Why not)) 1k and see reaction

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Activity on social networks must be checked, falsifications are possible.

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Теперь каждый никому не нужный блокчейн будет партнёрство подавать ?

Partnerships offered to buy advertising are of little interest to the freeTON community. I recommend that you go deeper into your proposal.

Радушие и тактичность залог успеха.
К вам с предложением пришли, а вы с нападками, какое мнение будет о Free Ton?

Зато всё по делу )))

Great proposal, alot of people are mostly online since the pandemic has started…seeing that Reflex has it’s way of rewarding people in social media, having RFX partnered with FreeTON would be one of the best ways to improve and widen the community as well as for mass adaptation! :slight_smile:

I really hope it gets approved!

A couple of questions:

1. Does your company have a legal address?
As I see Reflex Cloud Mining is very popular in google play
2. Is there Reflex Cloud Mining on the App Store?
I can not find (

I had expected that you proposed to move RFX from Ethereum to Free TON… It is not late yet.
RFX tocken is listed to Abit exchange only, who knows about RFX? Your tocken request is relevant, however don`t see much effect of such partnership.
P.S. Maybe you can help with listing of Free TON Crystal to Abit?

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Not yet on the App Store but we are building the iOS app.

Not calculated to move to Free TON from Ethereum blockchain but we are valutating some options like this, and of course we can talk about listing on ABIT exchange because we have direct contact with main decisional team.

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Я думаю это бессмысленное партнерство с ноунейм проектом, и сейчас не сложно создать свой ютуб, есть исходных код. Сложно раскрутить проект когда люди поисковиком особо не пользуются.

We are currently researching the audience of the project. ReflexToken has several applications in google play, one of them has a large audience, more than 100 thousand downloads, more than 6k reviews, and not a bad rating.

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ReflexToken Report ENG:

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Any user will like to mine RFX only if it will be beneficial according to their consumed time and resources,


It is very rare on this forum when a partner requests an adequate amount corresponding to the value of the proposal.
I support this partnership, you can really attract your audience to our project.
The declared audience is 100k +, even if 1/100 is interested in Free TON, there will be benefits from such a partnership.