Referral program

Hello everyone, why not come up with a referral program to attract a new audience? Suppose you brought new network users and received a reward, this is beneficial for everyone and increases the dissemination of information about Free ton, it may also attract new assets in the form of new ideas and specialists.

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Idea is fair but there are certain obstacles to develop a referral link a member can share to his friends to join Free TON.

There is no single website registering on which a new member can become Free TON active member.

Free TON is a community-controlled blockchain ecosystem on which only contribution matters most.

Most effective alternate to referral program is KPI validation through which anyone can be rewarded based on their contribution.

KPIs Validation Requirements

  • New user telegram username.
  • New user forum username.
  • New user DOD signature number.

To participate in the validation, so that it has at least some weight, you need a good initial investment,not everyone can afford it

From this it turns out that freeton is not for everyone,this in my opinion contradicts the original idea, isn’t freeton created for people ?

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Free TON is 100% public owned, controlled and regulated. Anyone can come and discuss their opinion in case of doubtful experience about decentralisation and Free TON.